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Top 5 Ideal Singapore Teachers’ Day Presents (Things they wished you know)

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A few weeks back, my group of mummy friends and I was chatting about the type of presents to buy for our kids’ teachers. After much some hilarious discussions, and feedback I got from my mother and sister, who are both teachers, I have come out with the TOP 5 suitable Singapore Teachers’ Day presents! (The things they secretly hope that you will get for them. The list below includes “atas” and budget gifts friendly on your wallet.!

1. Coffee Gift Card

Do you know that teachers spend long hours marking your child(s) paper that they usually work past 12mn? They need lots of coffee to keep them wide awake! The perfect gift? Coffee gift card, to keep them alert and awake during lesson time. Who knows it will come in handy on their way to school. Or maybe, their preferred 3 in 1 coffee bags!
Suggestion: Starbuck Gift Card / Coffee Bean Gift Card

2. Bubble Tea Gift Gard

Who does not love bubble tea? With a wide range of flavours, you’ll definitely find something you like. Forget about the sugar, it is THE perfect drink when we just want to keep ourselves happy. Being a teacher is such a stressful job, we, parents, sometimes have problems handling one child, I cannot imagine when they need to handle 10-30 students! Give the teacher a sugar rush and let them go wild with the kids, together.
Suggestion: Koi / iTea

3. Supermarket Vouchers

As a mother, or even before I became a mother, this is the perfect gift I want to get (ok, bags, clothes, shoes, and food aside). You basically can get everything you want from the supermarket! From snacks to necessities, you can’t go wrong, just in case the teacher has specific allergies or require halal only snacks. The teacher chooses what they want for themselves! Maybe they could stock up Pi Pa Gao… since they spend lots of their time talking….
Suggestions: NTUC / Giant

4. Spa or Massage

What do we need after a long day of work? Massage.
Like I said, being a teacher is not an easy job, is such a stressful job that you get backaches, leg aches, headaches everywhere! Especially teachers stand the whole day, or even running around chasing your toddler. I think they need a good neck or leg massage. Or if you’re tight on budget, go for a massage device from DAISO from $2!
Suggestions: Fave (you can get as low as $10 for a neck massage!)

5. Red Pens

This is a love-hate relationship for teachers and maybe for us parents too. Teachers use a lot of red pens compared to other colors, because they have to mark our child(s) paper! I don’t think our government gives allowances for teachers to buy red pen (maybe they should start to consider that). This is something which is really really useful for the teachers.
Suggestions: Qoo10 50pcs Red Pen / Qoo10 20pcs Red Pen

Lastly, how can we forget our child(s) handmade appreciation card? This is really important and will definitely melt the hearts of the Teachers!

Any more ideas or practical gifts for Teachers? Or if you are a teacher, what kind of presents would you like to receive? Share with me and my readers. 😀

You may be interested in getting free samples here before buying for yourself or for a gift!


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