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.. to those people who torture/bully you…

To work on it, you have to “love” the bullies.. that’s the hardest part. To be truthful, we cannot live “without” them,

reason being:

– it can make you stronger
– increase your patience
– increase your intelligence
– make you become more independent..

but first, got to buy cactus to “poke” evil people. πŸ˜› As it will be a life long lesson to learn..

Benny’s birthday

Celebrated Benny’s birthday with a simple steamboat buffet at Tan Quee Lan Street. Cna’t remember whats the restaurant name, but definately not “tian tian” steamboat.

Yummy steamboat soup ~ chicken and ginseng soup.
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Sauce counter. D.I.Y your own sauce for great taste!! The lady boss (i think so), help us with the sauce. If you are not sure how to mixed it, can ask them for help.
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Sauce: peanut sauce, sesame sauce, sesame oil, light soya sauce, peanut etc…
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A must to order, friend bun with sugar milk sauce
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My favorite crab!! Its semi-alive when serve to us, so not to worry about the freshness. Benny and I had 4 crabs.. I love crab…
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Benny and me..
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We ended the night early, as he’s quite tired from his work. Hope this year his work and health is great and happy always! πŸ˜€


Wedding dinner….

3rd wedding of the year, Benny’s colleague’s wedding held at Furama Riverfront Hotel. Its quite a nice hotel and best part no pillar blocking.. haha.. didn’t really like to go for wedding dinner with pillar blocking.

After finish work, went to Dior Taka for make-up, done by Han. I like the make-up, simple and nice!
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Romantic setting
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Wedding favours
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Cold dish.
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Benny and me
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My favourite fish… head.. haha..
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Yam seng..
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This wedding dinner was quite a fun one, with friends shouting blessing etc, photos taking everywhere.. nice.. really enjoy the dinner.

“zilian” abit.. πŸ˜›
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My outfit for the day
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Outfit worn during on leave.. doing spa and running some errands..
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Night night..
*my post is always so short.. lolz.. hope it doesn’t bored you readers!*


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