Disney On Ice & Shopping Spree!

Finally once a year Disney On Ice is here!! Is always my must watch every year (before I had my girl even), just to catch my favorite Mickey Mouse.. haha.. but every time his appearance is so short! I wish he and Minnie Mouse can have more performance! Anyway this year performance, 2nd half I […]

Celebration continues…

October is really a month of celebration!! After celebrating mom and sis birthday, now is Mr Tan and my turn! Is not our birthday but our ROM anniversary / dating anniversary. But we 2 blur couple remember the dates wrongly. Haha…So Mr Tan doesn’t have an issues of me getting mad over him for forgetting our anniversary […]

Happy 50th to Mommy!

My pretty mommy is 50th years old on 15 Oct 2013!! Time flies and can’t believe my mom is already 50! She is always young in my heart, not only she look young, she is also very active!! Dancing ah, charity dinner, performing on stage, taking up course, she is really one busy lady. I […]