Going To School Next Year? Customizable Labels For Your Kid’s Belongings, StickerKid

I’m honored to be the 3rd time endorsing Stickerkid for their quality label, I have been using their customizable labels since Yi He started childcare. Their labels are Swiss-made and are perfect for dishwasher, microwave, fridge, freezer, and sterilizer. The stickers last for 10 years on nearly all surfaces.

StickerKid ~ Door Decal!

The girls received a gift!! Da..da… it’s from Stickerkid! I really love their stickers a lot, previously I have blogged about their sticker labels for milk bottles etc, you can read the review here. I have recommended their stickers to a lot of my friends to use it for their milk bottles. How to find …

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I remember 2+yrs back when I sent Yi He to IFC, I did not label all of her belongings. It does not even come across my mind to label also.. haha.. such a lazy mom. So the teachers will keep reminding me to do that, but it wasn’t a very big concern to me because …

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