Free Sample for diapers, milk powder & others

free samples

(updated Oct 2020)Time to get all the free samples and see which one suits you and your baby! Being a parents-to-be is not easy! Even though we are excited to welcome the little ones, but with many baby products out there, a lot of parents sure will have thousand and one questions to ask! The […]

Giving Your Child A Head Start In Life

My first public talk. Do support! If are keen to know why texture of food is important in your child’s development, or you have bought kidsme food feeder before but not sure on how to use it. Or you are interested in using natural approaches to heal your child instead of drugs and does brain […]

Different Types of Baby Milk Bottles

baby milk bottles

Glass baby milk bottles are always my first choice as well as my sister’s first choice when it comes to feeding our babies. We have used glass bottles until our child reaches 18 months of age. Since young, our parents have educated us on how plastic can be harmful and why my mom chose to […]