Bringing Kids Out Alone - My Tips and Routine 1

Bringing Kids Out Alone – My Tips and Routine

It’s the school holidays! To me, the easiest way to manage the kids is to bring them out!! Drain their energy.. including mine as well. Haha. It’s actually so much easier to handle them outside because they will be running around, playing with all the activities that are arranged for them. I will just be …

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Making Tang Yuan with the kids 2

Making Tang Yuan with the kids

Tomorrow is 元宵节 (yuan xiao jie aka Lantern Festival)! The last day of Chinese New Year. On this day, Chinese from all over the world will eat tang yuan to symbolise 全家团圆,幸福美满 (reunion, harmony, and happiness). During Chu Er, while eating tang yuan (those with filings) for breakfast, Yi He requested for the colorful, plain …

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Experience More Together 2 6

Experience More Together 2

Finally the baby fair is over!! But I got a trade fair coming up.. Busy busy.. Today going to teach you parents how to entertain your kids for 1-2 hours but doing some interesting activities outdoor! You know sometimes being a parents is not easy, because we have to entertain our child(ren), keeping our creativity …

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Experience More Together 1 7

Experience More Together 1

For those who have been following my blog, FB or instagram will know that during my free times I love to bring my kids out for picnic, swim or just do something under the sun! Being influence or should I say based on my childhood experience, my parents loves to bring us around Singapore Farm (last time there …

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Baby Sleeping Guide 8

Baby Sleeping Guide

Every time I saw parents posting and asking about baby not sleeping throughout the night blah blah.. I always don’t wish to give any information unless is a known friend asking. Because it’s really tricky and not as easy as it seems. Before I counsel my patients this is the step I do > understand, …

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You Make Me Realise... 9

You Make Me Realise…

3 years… you make me realise how wonderful my life can be, how a tiny ‘you’ can change my goals in my life. It is you who make me realise, that all the commercials of babies sleeping like an angel is just made up… who knows that they actually take hours just to take that …

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