After having maid

After having maid 1

Life after having maid, at home shaking leg? Unfortunately no. Wonder who paint a beautiful picture of having a maid = shaking leg or having high tea. To me this kind of life more suitable when I married off my kids.. haha.. It’s still busy ever. Not that my maid is slow or she giving […]

We are all mothers…

We are all mothers... 2

妈妈何苦为难妈妈呢? Have the urge to blog about this few weeks back after some encounter, but wasn’t really prepared. It’s not easy to discuss about this topic, because in some point of time, we may have been through before, encounter before or even do it before. Being a mother is not easy, no matter giving birth […]

Baby Sleeping Guide

Baby Sleeping Guide 3

Every time I saw parents posting and asking about baby not sleeping throughout the night blah blah.. I always don’t wish to give any information unless is a known friend asking. Because it’s really tricky and not as easy as it seems. Before I counsel my patients this is the step I do > understand, […]

Dealing with my child hitting

Dealing with my child hitting 4

As a parent, placing my child in a child card centre, receiving calls from teacher is always not a pleasant feeling. The reasons can be many. It can be that your child is having a fever, or that your child was bitten/hit by other kids, and the worst part is hearing that your child has hit other […]