A buffet worth trying!

A buffet worth trying! 1

Last week was my SIL’s birthday, so hubby decided to bring her for a buffet treat. Super happy for me, coz I LOVE BUFFET!! He tried finding for some offers at Groupon but unfortunately all are fully booked. *Always so last min @[email protected] * So he check out his credit cards deals and manage to […]

Maternity Shoot

Finally the maternity shoot photos is here! Is in raw resolution…. Got to choose a few and let the photographer touch up. 😀 Our couple shoot My younger sister individual shoot My individual shoot ~ It was quite a fun shoot but tiring… My leg was shivering most of the time because I can’t stand […]

Babies, Babies

 My sister and I went for maternity shoot last week! Its special and rare for both pregnant sister (real by blood ok) to take shoot together! Some snapshots taken on that day! Sorry all taken from our hp.. haha… Will post up the higher resolution pics once I received it.  And can’t wait for my […]