Bye 2014, Kisses 2015

Bye 2014, Kisses 2015 1

Time Flies~~ It’s 2015 now. I know this may seem to late, but reflecting what I have done in 2014 now, hopefully it will help me to be better in year 2015.

Different Types of Baby Milk Bottles

baby milk bottles

Glass baby milk bottles are always my first choice as well as my sister’s first choice when it comes to feeding our babies. We have used glass bottles until our child reaches 18 months of age. Since young, our parents have educated us on how plastic can be harmful and why my mom chose to […]

Life getting more fulfilling

Thinking of a appropriate blog title took me awhile (my English not say super fantastic lah..), wondering what is the best way to describe my life now. It will be a lot easier if I try to describe my current house now > messy like mad!! Lol.. I mean all working mom (especially without helper) […]

New challenge and my pregnancy

I can’t believe I let my blog grow cobwebs again.. -_-” Didn’t do it on purpose, just that I’m so tired and busy ever since I went for my Taiwan trip. Didn’t expected that, but before I went Taiwan, I have been liaising with a baby company hoping to get a distributorship. Is not easy, […]