We are all mothers…

We are all mothers... 1

妈妈何苦为难妈妈呢? Have the urge to blog about this few weeks back after some encounter, but wasn’t really prepared. It’s not easy to discuss about this topic, because in some point of time, we may have been through before, encounter before or even do it before. Being a mother is not easy, no matter giving birth […]

How family-friendly is Singapore

How family-friendly is Singapore 2

I was very honored to be interviewed by Talking Point team on “How family-friendly is Singapore?“ Although the team is very friendly, but I can’t help feeling stress, partly is because my English is not super fantastic. The lady in charge keep assuring me that I’m doing fine, I hope so, otherwise Hubby is going […]

Breastfeeding ~ a nightmare for me

The title may be a bit exaggerating for some, especially if I compare to some of what my friends or others mommy have encounter. But to me,  as a 2nd time mom,  breastfeeding for the 2nd time, definitely is not. And some more I’m producing a lot more than what my girl is drinking so […]