Finally get down to study. Choose the subject which I hate most to study first, at least I if I manage to study this, it means I will score well for the main paper because my class assignment results -,-“

My hate subject ~ Macroeconomics. I think is the lecturer which makes me hate even more. I do well and have nothing against my Micro subject and lecturer. Hmm.. i still don’t like business :X
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During exams period, I will either fall sick or have pimple breakout because eating is the way to keep me going!! :X
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Heavy rain…
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I don’t raining when I’m prepare to go out or when I’m studying. But I love raining when I’m sleeping and when working in the ward. Because the patients will tend to sleep most of the time or less complain. Call bell for toliet need will increase though. Seems like raining always have this smoothing effect, making people ease their physical pain. Not calming effect, it seems like some people will get depress easily when its raining heavily.

Ok finally I settle my photos gallery!! Although only uploaded finish one group of photos.. but it takes alot of time!! Hope I can manage to finish up soon, so in the mean time just enjoy this new photo gallery ok! 😀

My Gallery


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