Back from MAC at AMK. Was studying with Jo and Uncle Jerry.. Both of them came so late, I arrived around 930pm, Jo arrived at almost 11 and Jerry arrived almost 12mn.. -,-" Some more Jo said to msg when I'm out of the house so she will go out at the same time also.. -,-"

Earlier on msg Jo to bring calculator, coz couldn't find mine, don't know where I placed it, she said ok. But didn't expected her to bring such BIG calculator!! Almost the size of A4 size!! **FAINT**  (pardon my handwriting is quite big also.. :P)

Study 1


Anyway, glad we started now, though abit late, but at least I have done the notes, so right now have to start practise all the calculation.. Hope I can pass through this sem. peacefully.. then my goal to study Psychology is nearer!! 😀

Ok got to end the post here and go to sleep.. lastly post what i wore yesterday.. nothing special coz only go to school and back home.. Wore the t-shirt which have bridesmaid printed when Colleen's getting married.. 😛 Shorts from FOX.

Study 2


Night night…. **daddy taught mao mao how to shake hand le!! She learn damm fast lor!! Hehe.. :P** Ok i'm crazy..

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