!st gathering for mr n miss sgh 2004

Yapee.. ( ^ , ^ ) have our first gathering today. Was quite happy because although most of us are working shift, we plan to meet together to have some catch up, take photos, chit chat and etc. Although some never come for this round of gathering. But we plan for more. Its fun, do miss those days where every body get stress up and rush here there everywhere to make sure on that day everything go well. 🙂

Today meeting is our winner mr n miss sgh treating us a good feast at the atrium beside plaza sing. The food was not bad but i find the portion was rather small (ok, me and my big stomach, actually thats not good too, eat too much or too little also get gastric discomfort 🙁 ). While waiting for food, we gals go outside and take photo.. hee, thats what i like. (its nice to take photos, capture the moments of happiness esp with friends, your loved ones and the moment of beauty). After that we go back to take our meals, and chit chat. Found out that my partner, Ali – mr photogenic, is going to leave singapore soon (antway he juzt come to singapore to have his O&G posting) Was quite upset although i know that he will be leaving. That go 1 of our contestant. 🙁

After eating, some of us play card games, its call munk??? bites. Can’t remenber liao (“-, -)…… Its quite a fun game but we were a bit slow, so at first i find it quite boring. But in the later part we get a hand of it its fun but realise that we have to stop playing after the first round cause we need to leave liao.. (T – T)

So before leaving we took some group photos, exchange emails, contact no etc. Ensure that we need to have a another gathering. I loves gathering, i like to see friends catching up, see their smile, make sure that they are doing well, take photos is a must… Hee.. a fun time.. Sorry not very good at words.. overall is very nice gathering.

Hope to see them again… Finish blogging.. Photos will be up soon…. 🙂


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