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This post is specially dedicated for all the comments on my blog post. Decided to reply through here because it will be a long reply.. >.<
And hopefully it will be useful to all the mommies!

1. Posted on Saturday, February 11, 2012 10:01:00 AM
Thank u for sharing ur post here. I m a mother to b n am still in my 1st trimester althou it’s will b the 2nd in 2wks time. I don’t know how you cope it althou u din say much about ur morning sickness but from ur blog it seems like u n ur sis r enjoying pregnancy! All along I thought there will only b 1 pain during pregnancy n that is during labour but havin experiencing this myself I realised I feel terrible even from e start. The morning sickness only started after 1 mth into my pregnancy n I have been throwing our every single meal. Nothing seems to fit me n all I eat now is plain porridge, bread n milo. Every smell puts me off too.

M I alone? I can’t even bring myself to drink plain water cos it got a metal bitter taste. I definitely not

My reply:
Congrats to you!! Can imagine ur happiness hehe..

Just realize that I didn’t blog much about morning sickness.. So can imagine is not that bad for me especially compared to my sister. 

My morning sickness mainly happen at night, which I will throw out all my dinner.. *yucks* but after that I will continue to eat again, trying to “replenish” back my food haha.. Coz I love food a lot. But there’s one period of time I feel like vomiting in the morning when I wake up, that was the terrible one, because trying to vomit something out from a empty stomach is seriously no joke. It’s like I’m going to vomit out my stomach, lungs and heart. After so many research and trying out myself, I realize in order to counter vomit sickness in the morning is, once you wake up try to drink water and have some biscuits, and/or make sure you don’t go to bed empty stomach. This method is also useful throughout the day.  But then again, it doesn’t really work for all people, my sister was one of them. Biscuits doesn’t work for her, she still vomit like nobody business. 
So not to worry, u are not the only one, my sister vomit all the way until late 2nd trimester. There’s one period of time the only food or edible food she can take in is potato chips.. At least u still can milo, bread and porridge. Just try whatever food that comes to you, that’s what I do. If I can’t eat steam fish, I will try fried fish. If i can’t eat plain bread, I will try yummy, fanciful pastry. But of coz u need a lot of determination and a food lover like me.. I seriously don’t care, I just put whatever things inside my mouth, trial and error. So I will know what food to avoid. If you scared that u don’t have enough nutrients, you can drink maternal milk specially for pregnancy and breastfeeding mother or supplements recommended/suitable for pregnant mommy.  
Overall my pregnancy journey was quite happy, I really enjoy a lot despite the discomfort like morning sickness and sciatic nerve issues which causes me to have some difficulties in walking. Actually that period I was quite depress, cried a few times coz I feel like a useless person, need my hubby to fetch, even for a short distance, can’t even walk long. But still I was happy when I talk to her, feel her movement.. Think about the good stuff rather then the bad.
So enjoy ur pregnancy, happy mommy = happy baby!! πŸ˜€
2. Saturday, February 11, 2012 10:48:00 AM
This is Anonymous 2 πŸ™‚

Ur post on breastfeeding has been extremely helpful. Really appreciate you dedicating a post on this topic that has been on my mind for the past 2 weeks, making me very stressed up. Has been reading up on online resources but sometimes the more u read, the more confused u get. The constant worry is that my baby is not getting enough milk. He is currently waking up ard 2-3 hours for his milk feed (direct latching), but the amount of milk that I pump out after each milk feed is rather depressing (for instance, this morning after i nurse him, i only manage to pump out 20ml combined. The most so far is only 50ml πŸ™ ). To me, it seems that he is drinking very little since i m producing so little. Has been crying for the first few days that I brought him home, cos I feel that I m depriving him of a full feed that I could otherwise easily monitor if he is drinking FM. Somemore, the constant latching on is making me very tired, especially during night feeds. I am thinking to try to feed him with EBM for night feeds as wad u have done after 6 weeks so my baby can sleep slightly better (or rather I can feel more assured he is getting enough milk)

I m really impressed at what you have done for ur baby Yi He and I will be trying to pump for every 3 hours from this morning onwards and try to maintain the cycle to pump dilligently. Hopefully, I can see an increase in my milk supply. To me now, the ability to pump out 150ml per session is like mission impossible to me (especially the 20ml that I have just pumped out). I will also try to store whatever milk i can pump out so I can use it for backup when the need really arises.

Really appreciate your advice on all this. It really feels good to hear from someone who has been successful in doing so. Currently, I am the only one who is still trying to TBF amongst the pple i know. Hopefully I can press on with this breastfeeding journey for my baby.

Thks Qiqi!

My reply: 
Welcome gal! 2-3 hours for breast milk, direct latching is normal not to worry coz breast milk digest faster. When my baby having growth sprout she’s crying for milk for 1-2hrly. Don’t worry that ur baby is not having enough milk because directly latching produce milk more effectively then pumping out. If u scared your baby is not drinking enough what u can do is mixed your breast milk with formula milk to feed her. Otherwise just bear with the tired feeding, I only manage to lengthen her feeds only when I started her on bottle otherwise for direct latching is also 2-3 hours and if lucky will be 4 hours. And also when ur baby will drink more and lengthen his/her feeds longer when he/she get older. 

Good luck and of coz I hope u can breast feed longer πŸ˜€


3. Wednesday, February 08, 2012 9:08:00 PM
Very glad to read ur postings n updates of it baby n urself!!! It’s really interesting to see e transaction in ur life… Hope u can update more!

I m now pregnant too n have sooo many questions..
Did u manage to recover back ur slim shape? Any stretchmarks?

Really salute u for enduring e pain during labour… How did u do it? Any tips?

All e best to u n ur family! πŸ™‚

My reply:
Hihi, I have stretchmarks but thankfully is not obvious and very small & little. Coz I developed stretchmarks after I gave birth, but still got to observe for the next few months. πŸ™‚ I’m not sure what exactly helps, but I’m using Palmers Stretchmarks cream & oil, as for diet wise, I’m always taking high collagen food like chicken feet, pig skin (with fats remove) and fish (lots of it, most importantly the skin). 

For the stretchmarks cream, if ur skin is sensative u can consider using Clarins. According to the research I have done, it seems like Clarins is very effective for preventing stretchmarks. I would like to try also but I already bought Palmers so just stick to it. 

Apply on ur tummy before the stretchmarks start appearing, if u have fresh stretchmarks (red appearance), exfoliate the area, after that apply the stretchmarks cream. Not sure if its effective, someone taught my sister this method. 

As whether did I get back in shape, I think I have considered that i can wear back my jeans with no sweat, but of coz I do still have a bit of tummy. For tummy wise, got to be realistic. Imagine ur tummy is being stretch to such extend, can’t possible to shrink in back in a month.. Give yourself at least 6 months to a yr to get back in shape. It will be ideal or might be faster if you breastfeed (I’m on total breast feed). 

How I endure my labour pain.. lots of encouragement from hubby and strong mindset, and pushing method. 

Before my delivery, I told my hubby the benefits of natural delivery without epidural and very firmly told him that I do not want epidural so no matter how heart pain u feel u must encourage me to endure the pain.

As for pushing method, I’m not sure how the rest of the mommy felt during delivery. For my sister and I, we feel like a constipation kind of thing. Is like you have a constipation and have a urge to shit, when the urge come just push with all ur strength, just focus on pushing, don’t focus on the pain. When ur pushing method goes smoothly, ur delivery will be much easier and the pain might not be that long. 

As for strong mindset, I keep on thinking that I’m not going to have injection (another reason is I’m scared of injection >.<), I just want to focus on pushing and if our mothers can do it without epidural so can I. My sister uses me as her motivation, she keep on thinking that if big sis (which is me) can do it without epidural so can I. I’m not sure why she need to think about that coz she had her first one without epidural also. But u can’t deny that it’s also another way to help urself to endure the pain. 

Of coz they are also some reason or medical complications that u need to have the injection then just go ahead. Save delivery is till the main priority yah. GOOD LUCK and have a safe delivery!! πŸ˜€

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