While having lunch, was thinking about dear… coz had a miss call from him earlier on. Was waiting or him to call back, coz he’s in taiwan, but I called him back coz normally he will call me again if i didn’t pick up his phone call.

Call him back, he ask me whether have I watch the news, I said no, and asked why. He told me there’s a plane crash at his camp area, just 1-2 blocks away from him, 2 singaporeans died… It was just so close to him, the thought of it makes me shiver, coz never have i thought this kind of things will ever happen to my love ones. I faster called up my mom and ask what channel is the taiwan news, i watched it almost crying, coz it just so damm close that i may lose him.. The taiwan news is not totally out yet, coz not much information is given to the press.. right now got to wait for singapore news…

Later have colleen’s bridal shower, me not really in the mood.. although my bunny is fine.. but i’m scared…



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