I know this sound angry!! But I’m piss off! If one can change after promoted, fine, u can become proud, eyes above all heads but please NO BACKSTABING and act as if u know everything! All along i had this dream, to become a nurse, a good nurse with all the good team work etc, but NONO! Reality doesn’t make your dream come true. I hate the way how u look, smile and talk, so FAKE!!! Please, the reson i don’t want to call u SISTER after you promote because u gain no respect from me! Not at all!! I don’t care if my other ward sister saw this, coz she knows my blog. But i just want to say, if u don’t know your job ADMIT IT!!! If u want to push the blame, please do it in a clever way!

When what happens to me, i was piss off! Almost want to make a big fuss over it, but i forget it, but now even worse though is not to me now, i feel disgusted! I like gold, but u make the gold that u are wearing so digusted!!! It almost turn black! U know what having promoted with a SISTER is not play thing, it comes with a great responsiblity! If u can’t handle face it! Don’t ACT!! Don’t come and pretent to help when the big hoha is over! So that u wouldn’t get into trouble right clever u, but watch out it may not happen all the time!

U don’t derserve it at all! Ur badge may be gold, your mouth is black!!!!


Ok enough of that, i will grow old faster… damm piss off… ! Anyway today went out with Kk aka Angelene to shop for her stuff, than pass her the present. Than she treat me to eat Pepper Lunch.. Very nice! I love it! So great that Hougang Mall have it. Anyway was thinking what i’m planning to do in a near furture. Maybe this 2 weeks or my annual leave is a good time for me to think and plan.. ;p

oh ya… 17 DAYS MORE TO MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Yappie!!!!

ok thats all for today… night night..


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