Sick cat but Happy!!!


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πŸ˜€ Back to blogging again! Think the July fairy doesn't like me, first is the stitches and blood taking and now fall sick.. πŸ™ Anyway now is getting better.. so I'm happy and glad that that it doesn't happen on my birthday, otherwise I will really cry man.. Coz cannot eat good food espcially seafood!!! I have not been eating them for the past coming 3 weeks liao :(.. past few days even worse.. everyday, almost 3 meals is porridge. I can become porridge gal liao..

But got to be happy coz another few more days – 2 days, will be MY BIRTHDAY!!!! 3RD AUGUST!!!! I'm so happy!!! Haha.. think I'm still happy about my birthday though I'm getting older year by year.. haha.. Okok.. although Benny already bought my birthday gift and sister said she's will give me another time coz she's broke at the moment, but still I want to put up my wishlist!! (for show can.. hahaha)lets see….

1. Camera (longing don't since when.. think ever since the camera spoiled which is like more then 2 yrs ago)

2. Shopping vouchers (can't think of what I want, coz I think I'm contented with my family, loves one and friends accompany me to eat can liao haha.. )

 So short wish list -.-" Lolz.. can't think of what I want.. haha.. coz soft toys I got alot.. (but don't mind having more). Hmm.. Clothes and shoes I have alot (don't mind having more provided my friends know what size I wear), Hmm.. bags… good idea.. haha.. Lolz.. what kind of wishlist .. okok enough of my small small wishlist liao, most important thing is my family, Benny and my friends can stay healthy and smile often thats all. πŸ˜€

Nothing much to blog about past few days coz I spend my friday to monday sleeping at home to get rid of my fever, flu and cough.. So only have pics which is taken on 25/07, wednesday. Me and Benny meet up at Bugis to have our dinner and walk around bugis village.

What I had on that day ~ Sea cucumber claypot

Sick cat but Happy!!! 1


Mickey mouse!! My favourite!! Got 2 mickey mouse jigsaw puzzle at ome, 1 done by me and the other by my dearest missy friends for my last yr birthday. But this small jigsaw puzzle quite ex..  is $18 for only 200pcs if I'm not wrong.

Sick cat but Happy!!! 2


Benny and me

Sick cat but Happy!!! 3


After walking around Bugis village, benny brought me to THIS FASHION< didn't know they are having 20% sales, so went in have a look. Saw Nargis and her mom, have a short chit chat then proceed to shopping.. but I only bought 2 leggings brown and black, after 30% discount (use Benny's sister member) is only about $5 per leggings!! So happy lor.. coz was looking for leggings below $10, and i found it.. hehe.. but broke after that lolz…

Sick cat but Happy!!! 4

What I wore on that day and friday

1. White tope from JE551 (love it to max!!), leggings and my piggy flats.. feels that it will look better with heels, but that time got stitches cannot wear heels.

2. VS cami (so long never wear, dig it out to wear :P), VS crop cardi and hot shorts with piggy flats.

Sick cat but Happy!!! 5Sick cat but Happy!!! 6


Oh ya.. not forgetting one thing:

HAPPY NURSES DAY!!!!!!!!!  is 1st August!!!

To all the nurses out there, happy nurses day!! Is a day to remember our roles as a nurse and proud to be one, not forgetting a day to relax ourselves too!!!



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