Roosevelt’s ~ A Trendy Diner & Bar in Tanjong Pagar

Sorry for the delay in updates! I was so busy with our baby fair for the past few days! Back to blogging >>>

I was extremely honored to be invited by Amanda to try out this new trendy diner & bar enclave off Tanjong Pagar!  Brought my hubby and my girl along to try it out as well! I have heard that they had specially crafted out yummy and nutritious kids menu, which I’m so eager to try out! Those who know me will know that I’m quite particular (not to the extreme yet) about food so how can I ‘let go’ of this opportunity!


woohoo… let’s go!! My girl insist for a photo too after seeing me taking selfie.. Think this is a kind of “bad example” that as a parents I find it hard to quit >.<
20140330_112801 20140330_112747

Roosevelt’s Diner & Bar.
Its actually very easy to spot this trendy diner & bar as it is located just directly beside Outram MRT station, at Dorsett Residence.  There is a carpark which is just a stone’s throw away from Roosevelt’s.
Good food at the most convenience place!

First thing that caught our eyes! Yi He can’t wait to have a ride in this vintage orange Vespa!

Beside this Vintage orange Vespa, there is a unique table which caught my eyes! Can anyone guess what is that?!
Is actually an engine table!! A glass table supported on a geometric framework and the engine is actually taken from a race car! Race car lovers, you got to come here and enjoy your drinking sessions. I believe you will definitely love this! On a side note, I’m going to bring my dad after my baby fair.. he will love it!

The nice ambiance and decoration which is characteristic by New York style, industrial chic decor with a touch of grunge eclecticism. I really love how they do the rain-drop-like lighting.. How I wish I can do that to my dinning area!!
20140330_122918 20140330_122931

Photos taken by one of the photographer who has passion for wine and travel

The bar counter…

Ok my girl getting ready for her meal!! The kids utensils are also BPA free!
20140330_122732 20140330_124001_mh1397610580135

Already enjoying ourselves even before we had our meals.

Here comes the food!!

I’m not a sweet tooth person but I love caramel ESPECIALLY SALTED CARAMEL!! Saw this drink on the menu, ordered this without second thought and totally loved it! (ok, sudden increase of saliva produced when typing this!)
Roosevelt’s Salted Caramel S$8

Dig healthy meals especially when I’m pregnant!
Buttermilk Waffles with caramelised banana and chocolate sauce (told you I love everything about caramel, haha) S$12
Yi He likes this dish too, I think is because of the banana. She loves fruits..

Since she loves fruits, I ordered this for her! haha..
Apple oatmeal (dairy free and sweetened with honey) S$10
Hubby and I are impressed that the chef makes an effort to make sure that the oats he choose is fine enough for younger toddlers (or even baby) to eat it. U can see how small the oats are, this is really a plus point for me. Especially when you didn’t manage to prepare your baby food at home, can consider here.
By the way I prepared my girl’s food (porridge or oats meal till she’s almost 18months). Can you imagine when the stalls outside does not even serve this kind of food for baby and if I didn’t manage to prepare. So my dear baby mei mei, mommy knows where to go now when I forget to prepare your meal.
20140330_124232_Richtone(HDR)_mh1397610025539 20140330_130305_mh1397610245059

Check out the rest of the kids menu! The chef uses only fresh and real food to prepare kids meal.


Hubby choice ~ good for meat and egg lovers..
Eggs Roosevelt’s  (Poached egg, chorizo, hollandaise, smashed potato) S$17
Hubby loves how the potatoes is being done, with the skin on, retaining the moist but not tough to eat. That’s why he doesn’t really like mashed potatoes (but I like).

And we ordered this Fish and Chips (dory fish coated with house made batter) from the kids menu to share.
20140330_124130_Richtone(HDR)_mh1397609988963 20140330_125318_mh1397610205020

Can see how thin the batter? I hate eating fish and chips with thick layer of crust or batter, makes me feel like I’m eating the flour more than the fish. If your child is having this meal, remember to request for non salted fries! I love no salt fries, always “scream” at hubby if he order my fries with salt.

Yi He enjoying the fries. Must show I got give her fries.. hahaha.. otherwise my sister will call me control freak!1662143_261718847332735_724599740_n

Me enjoying my meals and so is others!
20140330_125627_mh1397610626553 20140330_125632_mh139761066489520140330_125927

Roosevelt’s also provides drawing blocks with non toxic crayons to keep your child entertain. But my girl just couldn’t resist the vintage Vespar.  By the way the dining area is very spacious, so no need to worry about having baby chair blocking other people or no space for your prams (espcially my huge stokke).
20140330_131259 20140330_132521

Thanks to Amanda for the invite! Can believe she’s a mother of 2?! So well toned!!

One thing is I didn’t get to eat their dessert, because we need to go somewhere else!
If you guys are going, check out their alcoholic cakes Butter Rum Pound and Banana Bourbon.

Parents who are interested to bring their kids, the kids menu starts at 12pm daily, all day breakfast (brunch) menu from 830am to 6pm daily. Those working nearby can try their lunch express starting from S$12 which comes with a artisan coffee or specialty tea!

Roosevelt’s Diner&Bar
331 New Bridge Road
#01-02 Dorsett Residences
Singapore 088764
T: +65 6538 3518
P.S. sign up “Friends of Teddy” to get more privileges find out more at their website

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