Today met dear early in the morning at 10am in Bugis to look for rings. Can’t find the design that i wanted, so we walked to Suntec City. Upon reaching Suntec, we headed to some of the jewellery shops, i managed to find the design that is similar to what i wanted, but dear felt that its not so branded. But i felt that its ok and happy too. Image hosted by That’s because we are still young and we’re not so rich to spend on an expensive ring. Told dear to save and have to buy a nice and expensive ring for me for our wedding. Image hosted by Dear, you saw this ah.. so must start saving.. (Image hosted by sweat for u.. Haha)

Today is 15 May, 25 days till the enlistment of Dear, he’s going to the army soon. So excited and maybe will start to miss him? Hee.. will see how days goes by 1 step at a time. More excuses for me to go out with friends liao. YAY! Wonder how singaporean guys think about going to army for 2 years? Is it good for them or you guys feel that its just a waste of time? For me i really feel that its good for guys to go through army as they will become more mature if they know how to think. And hopefully their endurance will be better? Not too sure about that.. Seldom hear people comments good thing about going through army. Except the money is better if you sign on.Image hosted by

Okay lar.. thats for today. Change a new skin, have a new ring, and need to start counting down the days till dear going army. Have a nice day people. Image hosted by

By the way the photos of my friends wedding is updated, have scan some more photos inside. Enjoy…


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