HARD TO HOLD, EASY TO BREAK…..This week should be a happy week to me at least and / or to my friends, my birthday, planning to celebrate together etc. But it turns out the other way. 1. Received 1 sms from my shoolmates: hi ppl, he have call off the wedding, which is 2 months […]

HELLO…..Its quite some time since i blog.. sorry guys. Coz i was having night shift the past 4 days and 2 days of road show after my night shift. Was so tired thats why unable to blog. This week is a very eventful, happening, happy and mixture of happiness and upset. Why ah?? OKay lets […]

SICK AH…..Sich ah… Today suppose to work morning shift. But wake up early in the morning feeling terrible. Anyway I have been having bad headache since the pass 4 days. Keep on tan han. Coz i hate to take medicine and waste time and money to see doctor. But got no choice wor. So called […]

DEEP THOUGHTActually want to put my title as “upset” but some how i just feel that the current title is much more better. Just now i was browsing friendster. Saw some secondary close friends photos. And was abit upset bah. Coz we used to be so close, always go out together etc. After secondary school […]

AFTER WORK ON 28/07Today suppose to go out with my “twins” Ah Chew to do some shopping, but she fall sick. So in the end, i accompany Ah woan and Cindy to see their new house located near SGH. WE didn’t get to go in buy from outside it seems very nice. Feel like going […]

MY OFF DAYToday is my off day, so i sleep until 1pm. Oops, suppose to get up at 11am to slack at home. Haha… no lar… Anyway thinking whether want to go out with my sis anot. After making my “big” decision, finally decided to go out and it was already 4pm liao. So faster […]

UPDATES Can’t think of what title to put so just put updates. Yesterday meet up with my bf – Benny. So happy to see him after he book out, but was quite upset as he keep on coughing and had a bad ulcer. Once he start coughing it will take months for him to heal […]

MY BOYFRIEND (BENNY) AND MEHee… wondering what is this all about right? Is about horoscope founr it at this website http://www.astrologyzone.com/lifelove/matchmaker/BOYFRIEND, BENNY (PISCES)ME (LEO)Me and BennyLeo is a highly creative sign and so is Pisces, so don’t underestimate how dynamic this match can be. You like Leos’ generosity, strength and moxie, and they adore your […]