Raining Moody

Not in a very good mood. Not very sure how to put it. Had a talk with dear. 4 years relationship not easy to came by. 4 years of ups and down, naturally becomes part of each others life. But still is longer the relationship the understand level and acceptance level will increase? I’m not sure.

Hope things will work out well. Sorry to throw the making decision to dear.
In relationship I’m strong headed, not a sweet or “xiao niao yi ren” gf. Not sure is because I’m used to it or simply i’m selfish coz i love myself more…

To friends, just a small msg to ease myself, so appreciate if no comments will be make on what i have type above. Thanks.

Will be meeting my nurses friend tmr, must be happy. 🙂

A video clip showing what my brother do yesterday, making fun of my sister when she’s trying to ask him something.


Nightz nightz

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