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Sianz.. past few days have been raining. Not that I hate raining but its causing me hard to get out of bed! Well one of my resolution ~ having a healthy lifestyle which suppose to include only excerising and eat well. But my daddy, add in another one for me that is, sleep early and wake p early. My early ~ 12pm plus, his early is 8am!!! Faint! I’m used to sleep late wake up late. Anyway, instead of waking up at 8am, i told dad i will try to wake up at 930am instead. But lately due to the nice weather, I really can’t wake up on time. Is so nice and cooling to sleep!
Daddy only gave me 1 hour allowance to wake up πŸ™

Other than the rain causing me difficulties waking up, is when I go to school, my shoes/heels will tend to get wet, so uncomfortable and lastly the long bus journey ride from usual 40-45mins become an hour or more. Thus make me even want to sleep more… -___-“

Anyway nothing much happen for the past few days execpt that my projects and assignment seems to increase instead of decrease. πŸ™ Need to work hard and finish it before I go to China for competition. Thanks alot for my group memebers for understanding, cause them some problems due to my leaving as we request to rush the projects before i leave. Big hugs!! πŸ˜€

Took some bo liao pics, coz nothing to do on the long bus journey ride, besides listening to mp3 and read story book.

Raining views…
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Taken few days back when is sunny day!!
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My class..
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My ah gong hairstyle πŸ˜›
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Ok time to sleep! Finish 1 group assignment is “N” more to go..

Watched a programme yesterday regarding one of my colleagues at work. They filmed it inside the ward ~ previously where i work. Yan Peng send me a msg asking me whether i miss the ward after watching the show? Answer is YES!! I really miss the time I worked together with my friends. Though we may have some arguments but still we have strong bonds.
Will miss them and my job very often espcially when I saw accidents, medical news or program featuring nurses.

I miss “fliping” pampers on my friends face
I miss talking rubbiosh to patients
I miss “staring” at unpolite relatives who thinks we are slave
I miss doing dressing and “sucking” blood
I miss my friends the most the moments we share

This about are memories I had and I bring along with me after I quit. No regret of quiting coz if i choosen the path I will never turn back coz to me, my life cannot have feeling of regret. Even if in the future I realise I have make the wrong choice, I will never regret coz in return I gain more experience, patience and other form of knowledge. πŸ˜€

But still: I still love being a nurse. Although I feel that I may not be a very good nurse but is a process of learning to be one and also the satisfaction is greatest than anything else. πŸ˜€

~*Counting down 16 days more to Beijing*~

Miss Chinese International is finals will be on 20 Jan! Have been checking on how Cailing is doing, πŸ˜€ her recent talent segment is a cool one! Lucky for my model pagent there is no need for us to do talent segment, otherwise besides performing procedures on patient not sure what talents I have wahaha.. πŸ˜›

See the news @ www.misshkbeauties.com

Night Night! πŸ˜€


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