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How’s everyone Valentine’s Day? I hope is a memorable one ya!

Benny and me celebrated our valentine’s day at his friend’s wedding at Stamford Hotel. Surprisingly quite a number of people held their wedding on valentine’s day, but I hope mine will be either on our anniversary or my birthday haha.. coz everything on valentine’s day is so expensive, flowers, restaurants etc.. 😛

Ok enough of talking time for photos!!

Benny and his friend
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The loving ice swans.. There is grapes at the ice area, very refreshing..
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The menu for the wedding..
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The wedding favours, inside the box is a display set of an old couple sitting at the bench
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Benny and me.. my braces look so obvious here.. Hope I will be able to remove it before my birthday (in august)
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The beautiful bride and handsome groom…
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The first (cold) dish, total we had 9 dishes. Didn’t take any photos after that, I didn’t know anyone from the table so kind of awkward to take photos of the dishes.
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The ballroom..
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By the time we left the wedding dinner is almost 12mn, so Benny and I decided to take bus home like we used to be last time, enjoying each other company on the long journey ride.
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My outfit for the day: VS ruffle vest and tube dress, heels from cutesygirl and bag from VS (by Jessica Simpson).. I look so dark here..
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More photos from my Nurses outing:

Sumita and Sueching
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Happy me!!
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Ling Woan enjoying the aroma of her tea..
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The pretty nurses!!
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In a recent accident, I realise that people and people relationship is always happening in our everyday lives, every moment, every minute and every seconds. Even though its always happening but its the difficult lesson to learn.

So at different stages in our lives, we are learning different things from other people and other people is also learning from us, it doesn’t matter of age, races and religion.

When young: we learn how to adapt to family, accept loves from parents and siblings.
When we are schooling: we learn the differences of other people of our same age, or even trying to follow each other habits or action.
When we are out to work: We learn even more great differences, age difference, different working experience and even personal habits/attitude difference.
When we are married: We have to learn how to accept a new person in our lives and learn how to be a husband/wife, in-laws or even parents.

Even though at different stage of lives we are learning different things to suits them but some theory always remain unchanged.

Here is what I always believe, but doesn’t mean I have 100% achieved that as I’m not an angel.. still I’m learning it..

1. 无论发生什么事情,都要首先想到自己是不是做错了。如果自己没错(那是不可能的),那么就站在对方的角度,体验一下对方的感觉。
No matter what happen, always think whether are you in the wrong, If not, put yourself in other people shoes and feel for the person.

2. 让自己去适应环境,因为环境永远不会来适应你。即使这是一个非常非常痛苦的过程。
Change yourself to adapt to the environment, even though is difficult, because the environment will not change just for you.

3. 少说多做。言多必失,
Work more, talk less. Unnecessary talking will cause trouble.

4. 不要把别人的好,视为理所当然,要知道感恩。
Learn to be thankful if you receive help from others, don’t take things from granted.

Hope this is useful to all of you!! Good night!! 😀


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