Piaget Jazz Collection Party at Capella

Yesterday suppose to meet up with Vanessa for dinner in town but last min changes, both of us have to rush back home and get doll up! 
Because Vanessa got a invite from her friend last min to go for Piaget Jazz Collection! 
The theme of the party is Jazz… This is real hard! Tried goggling but didn’t really quite understand of how I’m going to wear it, so decided to give up and wore a jumpsuit instead. Jumpsuit from The Jupe collection! 

While waiting for Vanessa to fetch me…. 
Finally we reach Capella’s ballroom!
Piaget Jazz Collection
My outfit from The Jupe and Vanessa gown from her wedding gown designer. I should have taken her back shots.. it’s sexy!!
The ballroom screen.. 

Me taking myself again while waiting for the show to start!

Finally at 9 plus, almost 10pm, the event started~~~ But during that period I already drank a lot of champagne! Not so good for empty stomach, getting a bit high.. lolz.. 

The beautiful black model started the show!
Show casing the female jewellery and watches. The gowns that the model are wearing is fabulous! How I wish I can choose one for my wedding gown! The gowns are from Francis Cheong. 
During the small break (waiting for the guys collection)
Photo session time!!

Vanessa and me

The blue blue me

Now ~ the guys collection

The ending ~~~
After the fashion show, the model sashay down to the crowd, to show it to potential buyers!

I love this gown! I love the lace and how it covers up the important area but yet sexy! How I wish I can wear something like that for wedding but thats not possible…. 

Saw Danny at the show! He happens to be the choreographer! So happy to see him!
Not only Danny, I also saw Melissa and Lisa. Didn’t took much photos with our cameras ’cause we were all busy talking. Got to wait for the event photographers for the photos!

Taking photos with the gorgeous and handsome models!

The pretty babes.. haha.. self proclaim.. 😛

The yummy tarts! Finally filled my stomach with something instead of the alcohol!

Some more shoots before going off~~~

Finally had my dinner! But it looks more like a supper instead. 

Dear add a new member to his VIP car!! 
Really had a wonderful night!! Makes me think back those days ~~~ Ahyo I’m getting old. 

Really thanks to Vanessa for the great night!


Sumita’s birthday!!

Belated post, sorry about that!! 😀

Post to be continue tmr~~~~ Tired got to sleep.. .. zzzz

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