Photos out!!

Yappie the photos are out!!
Thanks to Anson for the fast processing. 😀
Below are the few shoots which I personally like it a lot. 

Will upload the rest in the photo album on the right hand column so stay tune!

I love the last 2 photos!! Hehe.. 😀

Yesterday went to Benny’s cousin wedding at Good Wood Park Hotel. 

The food is yummy espciallly the dessert cake, it will be nice if there’s a dessert wine but provided I can drink.. haha.. think too much -.-

Me 恋 while waiting for Mr Tan.

With Mr Tan.. Just realise the front camera when taken during dark area is not so good, but still able to capture a bright image.

The wedding couple making their entrance.

The couple bear and honey as the wedding gift for guest

My outfit for the day! From ASOS, not maternity wear, just bought one size bigger for my tummy space, but realised actually no need, end up is a bit too loose.

Champagne pouring time!!

Finally the dessert!! Pics taken by Mr Tan using his 4S.

My hospital bag is packed & getting ready!! Haha.. actually packed since last 2 weeks, is inside Mr Tan’s car. I’m so kiasu.. >.<

Sleep wear, baby clothes, my clothes etc..:P

U know what, this Guess bag bought by Mr Tan, previously was used during my modeling/pageant time. Can throw in all the make-up, few pairs of shoes and clothes etc, who can imagine that few years down the road, I’m using it for my hospital bag now.. haha.. 😀

Baby baby, when are u going to come out??

Mr Tan was very exited yesterday when I told him I feel weird need to go toilet and check. He got so excited and anxious.. insist of following me to toilet and standby.. -.-” Already told him not so early just want to double check only.. haha.. but I’m happy that he’s excited for our baby girl arrival. 

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