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** Part 3 **

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Today blog early because I didn’t go to school today (:X lolz.. naughty gal), and later on got private event to go. I’m very excited to go for the event!! Haha.. You will find out why later…

Yesterday meet up with Simon, (the boss of EZ50 who sponsored Miss ASEAN and also a partner of Jackie Chan’s Cafe and Tea) for meeting about the event, because will be helping him out doing the urshering for the first part then I can enjoy the party! 😀

Received the invitation card on Tue
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

Me at the Cafe… Oh ya the cafe is at 1 Nassim Road (opposite Tanglin Shopping Centre)
Image Hosted by

The cafe.. got quite alot of Jacky’s photos and the otherside of the shelf display some of Jackie’s own design stuff like umbrella, keychain etc…
Image Hosted by

The yummy dessert! I love the egg tart crust.. Its kind of different from what I always eat. Its very crispy but it doesn’t taste like a normal flour taste.. (think you got to try, it will be better. lolz)
Image Hosted by

The Press Conference… The official opening of the cafe will be on this coming Saturday, so you guys go down and have a try! The price range is quite affordable, so no worries ya! 😀
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Now you guys know why I’m so excited about the event already right! Since its Jackie Chan’s Cafe of course he will come down and do the opening!! Its kind of excited to see him ya.. According to Simon he’s a very nice person to get along with. 😛 I do hope I will be able to take a photos with him ya!! Pray hard!! 😀

Ok got to continue my part 3!!

4. Newspaper advert for sports car cum Yifei’s birthday dinner 15.10.2007

Did a newspaper advert for “Shin Min daily” (新民日报) last week. Really thanks to Mr Leong (the reporter) for this opportunity 😀 And not forgetting Crsytelle for lending me her clothes (HerRoyalHighness) for the shoot! 😀

I really hope I can show you guys photos but my mom’s camera decided to play trick on me the camera auto reformat all pics gone including the outing I have taken after the shoot! :,( So I only have the newspaper cutting, but pics u can’t see it very well, so I have alreay email the photographer for some pics hope he will be able to send me some. 🙂
Image Hosted by

The sports car.. (pics send to me by Mr Leong before the shoot)
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

After the shoot, went back home to put the clothes (very heavy) and head to Vivo city Marche for dinner with Yifei and Lionel. This outing is actually to celebrate Yifei’s birthday but very belated …. (sorry gal!) (Not much pics from my side because photos gone due to auto reformat 🙁 )

At marche
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

After Marche, we went over to Häagen-Dazs for chocolate fondue! Finally we had a decent one, the one at Clarke Quay (if I’m correct I think its call Chocolate factory) is really horrible like no taste thick milo dinorsaur.. :X
Image Hosted by

Yummy yummy!! Before that Yifei and me is playing with the fork, the waiter saw how come there is no fork for me so he went to took another one, when we realise that, all of us burst out laughing.. haha..
Image Hosted by

After that we went back home. Really very tired for that day, so couldn’t really enjoy to the fullest.. really sorry to Yifei.. but no worries we will meet up again for another chocolate fondue treats or durian feast!! Hehe.. I love eating with you!

5. OCBC D&D event 16.10.2007

Had an event at Raffles conventional centre, thanks for Genecia for the intro for the job ya! 😀 Its a D&D for OCBC staff. Its very intersting as their theme is “Spartan”, almost every of their staff is dress up like a warrior and ladies in Rome outfit.

We models are also dress up in Rome outfit and guys in warrior. We tag along with a photographer and took pics together with the staff. 🙂
(this one not much pics also… camera auto format 🙁 )

L to R: Gio, Chez, me and Andrew
Image Hosted by

Some of the pics taken with the staff. 😀
Image Hosted by

Me… The 2nd pics, the photographer really caught the moment I stick out my tongue! 😛
Image Hosted by

Ok thats all for now! Will continue to blog tmr! Will not be able to reply tag at the moment but do continue to tag ya ok! Will try to reply asap! 😀 Weekend is coming have a good weekend! 😀


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