Making Tang Yuan with the kids

Tomorrow is 元宵节 (yuan xiao jie aka Lantern Festival)! The last day of Chinese New Year. On this day, Chinese from all over the world

After having maid

Life after having maid, at home shaking leg? Unfortunately no. Wonder who paint a beautiful picture of having a maid = shaking leg or having


April seems a wonderful month for me, first time busy with baby fair, giving a full 100% concentration after I quit my full-time job. Got

Seek ~ Stop the Eye Epidemic In Kids!!

As an ophthalmic trained nurse and having working in an eye specialist environment for 7-8years, I couldn’t emphasis how important eye care is. Especially when our

We are all mothers…

妈妈何苦为难妈妈呢? Have the urge to blog about this few weeks back after some encounter, but wasn’t really prepared. It’s not easy to discuss about this

How family-friendly is Singapore

I was very honored to be interviewed by Talking Point team on “How family-friendly is Singapore?“ Although the team is very friendly, but I can’t

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