When a couple sit down to talk about each others problems, why one must feel that there is a 3rd party? Why not think about all this years whatever have happen?

3 years, do u think i want to let go like this? Do you think i want to let go the guy who i talk about lets save money together, have 3 children blah blah.. Do you think i wish to let go the love i have put in so much effort in it?

I don’t wish too. After so much talking, u still don’t understand, I STILL LOVE U… but i seriously need a break at this moment.. So much of changing force on me i’m already at my peak..

No mood to type further coz after so many ppl have read, its seems like i’m the one who have change to a unfaithful one.

Never mind, so be it.. coz like i say to u.. i would not involve in any relationship until u get one or one day we finally solve our problems.. I don;t mind to be single forever..

The most like want i said to myself, adopt one child and be single…

I miss u still and I still love u.. when can u able to get it what went wrong with us..

~~ When i started out this blog, i don;t wish to post unhappy stuff for my readers, myself and my friends but because of the comments have started.. I wish this will be the last one~~

I want to be left alone for the time being…


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