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Lactokids + Probiotics – Boost Your Child Immunity & Digestive System

As a nurse and a 'you are what you eat believer', probiotics is something which is never missing in my house, especially after having Yi He. Probiotics were first introduced to me by my friend and doctor when I mentioned about Yi He's skin & slight eczema problem. And after extensive research by me, I have never regretted and always ensure I have sufficient stock at home. In case you are wondering if we could get probiotics from fresh sources,...
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April seems a wonderful month for me, first time busy with baby fair, giving a full 100% concentration after I...
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We are all mothers…

妈妈何苦为难妈妈呢? Have the urge to blog about this few weeks back after some encounter, but wasn't really prepared. It's not...
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Happy 32

As the clock strikes 12mn.. I'm a year younger older and hopefully a little wiser. Every year, my birthday is...
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Let Mickey and friends celebrate X’mas with U!

Hohoho... Merry Christmas to everyone!! Hopefully you guys have an enjoyable count down yesterday!! Not sure where to bring your...
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Bio-essence Tanaka White

I'm so tan, what for I need whitening products?? Don't get me wrong, I don't need to be a Snow...
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Collection Primed and Ready Makeup Primer

(Advertorial) Like I mentioned previously, (or many times), I'm not a pro makeup person, so when I saw this makeup...
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Starting A Home Based Business

The thought of earning an income while taking care of kids and NOT missing their milestones at the same time...
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When husband is your business partner

"You two always face each other not sian meh?" Not sure how many times I have answered this kind of...
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Hi, I’m Qiqi. Thanks for stopping by! I started out blogging way back in 2004 about my modeling, pageant and everyday life. I stopped blogging for a period of time as life got busy with career, building my businesses and having my first child in 2011.

When I got back to blogging, with inspiration of my children, I’ve transformed my blog to be more informative for parents and spreading positive energy for ladies to feel great about themselves and their lives. Read more about me here.

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