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Prenatal Massage Singapore – Your Pregnancy Massage In Singapore

The best thing that can happen during pregnancy (besides the little life growing in you) is the prenatal massage that you wish you can have it every day. The increased weight, muscle tensions, leg cramps, backaches and not to mention my varicose vein pain and sciatic nerve! My therapist massaging my leg. The place which I badly needed! Prenatal massage helps to relieve all the discomfort, water retention. In fact, studies have shown that prenatal massage helps to reduce anxiety,...
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Making Tang Yuan with the kids

Tomorrow is 元宵节 (yuan xiao jie aka Lantern Festival)! The last day of Chinese New Year. On this day, Chinese...
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After having maid

Life after having maid, at home shaking leg? Unfortunately no. Wonder who paint a beautiful picture of having a maid...
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10 Family Annual Passes Worth Paying For!

When your kids feel that indoor playgrounds are not fun to them anymore. We, the parent will need to start...
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A Tour To Singapore Bicentennial Experience

This is one of the events I sign up immediately when my friend sent me the event link. It was...
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Skingo – New Beauty Salon – 15mins Express Korean Facial

If you love facials or keen to do facial but hates the pushy sales process, or even, signing up packages...
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Stretch marks…

Stretch marks... It's such a irritating thing to talk about!! Although I am really fortunate enough of not having it...
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Why Dad Need To Be Supportive With Entrepreneur Mum

While we focus on the mumpreneur journey, we must not forget their significant other, aka your hubby. Entrepreneurship is never...
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Tips To Help You Work From Home With A Child

When I started working from home, my 2nd daughter is only 7.5 months old. The age where they start to...
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Hi, I’m Qiqi. Thanks for stopping by! I started out blogging way back in 2004 about my modeling, pageant and everyday life. I stopped blogging for a period of time as life got busy with career, building my businesses and having my first child in 2011.

When I got back to blogging, with inspiration of my children, I’ve transformed my blog to be more informative for parents and spreading positive energy for ladies to feel great about themselves and their lives. Read more about me here.

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