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Over the weekends

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Last weekend we had some fun in the Zoo thanks to Mr Tan’s company who organise the family day. Kind of exciting because it has been a long time since I went to the zoo! 😀 And also since now my girl is more expressive, it makes me looking forward to what kind of reaction she will have when she saw the animals.

Love to dress up in same theme when we go out! Coming up collection from Mumzkidz.

Having her breakfast in the car

We are at the Zoo!! I seems more happy than her =.=”

OCBC goes WILD~~~


Cute skinny mascot hahahaha.. My girl is not scared of thunder, not scared of ghostly pics but scared of mascot~~

Mini hand puppet we won in the store game



Almost a thousand staffs Q-ing for ice-cream, popcorn, candy floss etc

We decided not to stay in the event area as its too crowded. So we went to roam around in the Zoo first before we go back for lunch and lucky draw 🙂

Mr Tan and my little girl~~

Some of the animals we saw and do you think my girl can imitate the animals well?

After we get to see some of the animals we went back to the event area to have our lunch ~ KFC, provided by the company. Lucky we came we prepared with eggs, rice cereal drink and bread. Otherwise the poor little girl got no food to eat.
20131019_115530[1] 20131019_120859[1]

Super hot weather!

Love her shoes! I’m planning to sell away mine.. coz slightly tight for me. Those who interested let me know. Letting go at $20. I’m a size 40, so suits 39 better.

Watching some of the performace by OCBC staffs and magic show while we eating our lunch and wait for lucky draw but too bad didn’t win anything..

My girl and I also went to take part in a mini compeition on best dress for family sadly we didn’t win any, coz our claps are not as loud as the rest. But my girl has the most fun, I didn’t know my girl has no stage fright. She so egar to move forward and shake her body when the music starts. Walk infront when people are doing their walk! can see how unglam I am trying to catch her back!

After the event, we move on to see our animals!! But most of them are sleeping -.- and soon my girl also doze off half way to have her sweet, sweaty and hot nap


Some of the animals we have seen, its a pity that most of the animals are having their nap and we didn’t manage to see all the animals as we moving on to our next destination.
Fotor0102210444 pt2013_10_22_10_49_18[1]

Our next stop ~ Sea aquarium. Mr tan manage to get a free ticket for us to go in! I miss it when my taiwan relatives came to Singapore in August, so I’m so glad that I have a chance again.

Will not be uploading all the fish pictures, I think it will be kind of boring lol.. Will be loading more of my chicken little photo.
She showing us how fish swims….


Seriously sometimes I’m having double role as a mother and also as a father. Which mother does that!! From what we see from TV and my experience as a baby girl is always the father is doing this! Of coz not only talking about this photo, some of the games I play with my girl always keeps me thinking.. -.-

I find that this is amazing! But I wish it was longer rather than a small segment, almost everyone was crowding area here to catch a glimpse.

Getting engross and amused with all the fishes. I’m glad that not only my daughter loves to eat fish, she also enjoy watching them. But I hope at the back of her mind she’s not thinking that all this fish are to be in tummy. Lol..
Besides seeing the fishes, she also loves the railing alot, keep on doing monkey swing and chin up.. seriously not a good playground for her when is so crowded with people!


Some of the video clips I have taken, because all this really amused me…

See how beautiful this living creatures are. We really must protect our mother earth so our future will be able to see such nice fishes, jellyfish alive instead of those in the photos.

Finally is dinner time!! So so hungry and the waiting time is long too ~ about 30mins… lucky not more than that, otherwise hungry man is an angry man!! Hahaha…

The first 2 dishes is the 前菜, is a must to order for the top left. Is very addictive.
小笼包 no need for me to intro, is also a must order dish. But not sure is it because they are very busy on that day, I find the juice(soup) is not so much compare to the previous visit (different outlet) I have went to.
2nd row middle dish is double boiled soup with noodle ~ 元盅排骨面 , which I always order. Coz my daughter gets to eat, so not oily and salty compare to the rest of the dishes.
2nd row 3rd photo and 3rd row 1st pics is actually the same thing ~ Prawn dumpling. Just that one is spicy one is not. No-spicy is for me, coz I don’t eat spicy food.
Last row middle is a fried pork, quite nice but not a must to eat I feel
The bottom right corner is fried rice.

If you are keen for a dessert, you like XLB, u can try this! They have it in red bean and chocolate. The one I have tried is the yam flavour, I tried twice! Haha.. Not so keen on red bean 😛 Its not very sweet and soft and Q Q on the skin. Must try ~ if u still can squeeze some in your tummy.


After that we went to the food street to have dessert, while my chicken little have a dose of Vit F ~ Fruits.
Is quite a big serving for $2.50, and it taste a lot nicer than what our kopitiam is serving. I always ask for pure brown sugar when eating ice kachang.. don’t really like the colouring..

So we ended our Saturday weekend with everyone KO straight after bathing!! Really KO flat to the max.. hahaha.. Should have suggest Mr Tan to go sea aquarium another day then maybe I can no need think so much where to go on weekends. hahahaha….

After spending one whole day outdoor on Saturday, me decided to have some break and shop indoor insteads. Lol! Actually is getting some items for my office.. haha.. making more cosy and feel welcome when patient sees me (hopefully).

So we heading to City square because I need to go Daiso. Cheap place to get simple stuff

Its Holloween!! Haha.. seriously i think my girl is not afraid of this is because this figure doesn’t move not like the mascot!


After shopping and lunch, time to get some SUN! I love sun (not the other Sun), that’s why I always make an effort to go out for lunch during working hours.

Chicken Little enjoying herself~~~

20131020_131924[1] 20131020_132013[1]



Mommy also getting some sun tanning..


See what my cheeky girl doing?? she can even stick out her tongue!
20131020_132244[1] 20131020_132221[1]

Thats my cheeky chicken little.. hahaha…

My girl loves to play with kids and baby, so whenever she sees one she get very excited. She seems to know that they are fragile so normally she don’t really touch them, but when the baby touches her hand or her face, she giggles and laugh until as if the baby is playing with her.
I really hope is a good sign to me that she will cope well if any siblings coming along, since the age gap will be quite a difference by the time 2nd one comes by

End my blog post with my lovely office!
I love sunflower a lot, so I place it in my office (I also change my ex-company flower to sunflower, sunflower should be the flower in clinical or hospital area man!) hahaha.. . Sunflower is also a happy sunshine flower so I hope my patients is happy when they see something nice and sunshine bright in my room. 🙂
IMG-20131021-WA0002[1] IMG-20131021-WA0004[1]

This coming friday is our ROM anniversary, hmmm wondering where can we go and celebrate (aka feast)….


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