Here I will be posting what I have cook for my kids meal. Some of the recipe are found online/books, and I make some changes accordingly to suits my girl needs. Feel free to share with me your recipe too! If you want to ask me any questions or email me at missyqiqi (at) gmail (dot) com, I will happy to answer any of your questions! 😀

Please take note what your kids body type and needs. For me I always like to mix different types of ingredients around (I will do some check before cooking, make sure is safe.) as I always believe making your food fun, creative, different and tasty will make your kids enjoy and appreciate food more! 🙂
For more dishes that I have cooked before Oct 2013, please refer to my fb page HERE.

I use only olive oil for my dishes and NO MSG


1. Fish Head dishes
2. 四神汤/粥
3. Tomatoes egg with golden pomfret
4. Black fungus and dried beancurd
5. Ju Luo with black fungus and prawns
6. Cucumber, beancurd skin and fungus soup


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