Nice and inspiring song…

Get to know this sound through FP. Is a very nice song, sang by a 17 year old lady name lovynn. Image hosted by

The Chinese version of the lyrics:

This is the English version translate by one of the member in the Change the world forum.

*Chorus Start*

Before I close my eyes for the last time
I wish to tell you I love you
In your embrace, don’t wish to let go
In my heart, thousands of words I have yet to tell you
I used all my strength to keep my eyes from closing
After this farewell, there will be no more meetings, no more can I be by your side
But please don’t forget
You promised me you will live on as well as you can

*Chorus end*

I’m leaving first, leaving for a faraway place
I won’t be able to watch the sunrise with you anymore
I won’t be able to wait for dawn
Erasing all the memories, is not an easy thing
But life & death are predestined, don’t be too sad

Chorus x1

I’ll always love you…

here’s the story line to be accompanied by this songs

Many say that one realises his folly only upon his death.
Yet how many people see death impending towards them?
The memories, love and passion for life of a young 17 year old, Lovynn Kan, has been painstakingly penned down into the lyrics of the song Zui Hou Yi Ci, meaning Last Time.
For the very last time for everyone would be the moment before their lives fold into an end. Remember the thoughts that evoke upon listening to the song, for no one knows when his or her last moment may be, when they may see their loved ones again or even when they may lose them.
May this song make you realise how important the people around you are, friends, family or even strangers.
For without them, life wouldn’t be complete.

enjoy….Image hosted by


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