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New challenge and my pregnancy

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I can’t believe I let my blog grow cobwebs again.. -_-” Didn’t do it on purpose, just that I’m so tired and busy ever since I went for my Taiwan trip.
Didn’t expected that, but before I went Taiwan, I have been liaising with a baby company hoping to get a distributorship. Is not easy, I know. So many people have been telling me that, but I just want to try. I don’t want to quit without trying. Anyway starting a business is always not easy, I’m just glad my parents and hubby are supporting me, so is my siblings.

So hubby accompany me to Hong Kong in Jan to talk about business, first ever business trip for me. Wasn’t fun although is cool, we had meetings almost everyday when the trade show is over, and we have to stay up and do presentation, lucky thing is we no need to wake up damn early the next day.

The trade show makes me realised that some companies can ask for ridiculous MOQ, and expect miracles, and some are genuine wanting to work with you, grow and bloom with you. Anyway to cut the story short, I managed to get the distributorship!! It was confirmed around the CNY period so that explain why I’m so busy because when we come back to Singapore the work doesn’t end there (in Hong Kong), we still have to continue to provide the necessary information to the main company, follow up etc!
Not only that once we confirm, contract sign, we sign up for the coming baby fair in April too.. Sometimes it feels great to be busy too.. =P

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Enough of business talk!! Time for my personal stuff!!
For those who are following my cooking stuff, so sorry for being lazy .. if you really need the steps please buzz me or email me so I will msg u asap.

After announcing my 2nd pregnancy, I have so many people coming up to me, giving me advises asking me a lot of stuff etc. I don’t mind at least I can get to see things differently from different perspective. Because no one is the same, everyone is different.

Below is the questions and issues I faced/encounter:

1. Baby gender
Seriously this is my 2nd baby and I’m not planning to stop giving birth after this. So whether is it boy or girl it really doesn’t matter to me, but yet some stranger can insist having boy is much more better. I don’t see it how can it be much more better? Govt don’t give me extra cash for having a boy, having a boy also doesn’t mean I will not suffer any pregnancy trouble like loss of appetite, morning sickness, leg cramps etc.
Although when people ask me which will I prefer, I will answer girl.
Because, I can save a lot of clothes, although I do have boy clothes (buy from carters when boy pj are so much cheaper than girl pj). Dressing up the girl is so fun. 2nd, prevent my hubby for going back his words for not allowing me to have number 3, although so far he is still quite keen. Lastly, just to gek those 重男轻女 (prefer boys more than girls, those old mindset). Definitely not my parents, me and my siblings don’t grow up in such a nasty environment and I really count my blessing to have them as my parents.
So for this I will get a little piss off if you tell me boy is better, seriously I feel healthier is even much more better. After all u can use money to do sex change but u can’t buy health back using money right?

2. Maid
A lot of people asking me will I be getting a maid after having number 2 or suggest me getting one now since I’m pregnant. Seriously maid so far didn’t really come to my mind coz I really scared getting maid. Blame it on media. I know there are good maids around, but seriously I don’t wish to take a risk. I like worry free and less trouble lifestyle, so I don’t wish to go through the headache of maid not listening to instructions, maid change every few years after their contract over and have to retrain again. Also, I don’t like stranger in my house.
If we are in donkey years back, maybe I will considered a maid, but definitely not in this era. Yes my house will be messier, I will be more tired, but I feel having a joy doing housework with my 2yr old girl feels good although sometimes she does piss me off. Of coz any people suggest I wouldn’t get angry lah, because having a maid is a very subjective and personal opinion. Those who cannot cope, suffering depression(baby blues)  etc of coz I both hand agree maid will be useful but definitely not for me. I told hubby the only time I will agree to get maid is when something/one happen in the house.

I think so far this is the most common 2 questions I ever encounter… Any questions you are curious to know?? Let me know 🙂


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