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Realise that I didn’t post up what I have been wearing for the past few weeks! 😀 Ok here it goes!
**VS ~ Victoria Secret, TF ~ This Fashion, ON ~**

1. Wear for Uncle Jonathan wedding. 🙂 My first time being a chinese Emcee for wedding.
VS tunic dress, VS golden wedges, golden belt, Guess Bag
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2. Wear for SFW Wrap Party at Zouk, White top from JE551, shorts from MrQ (taiwan online auction), Red padlock bag from Korea, red heels (best buy, only $9.90!!! Haha coz only pair left, super heng! :X ) Black beads necklace from Sayli (my nursing friend) when she go Australia to study.
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3. Don’t know where i go.. Skinny gold scarf from F21, top from Gio, pants from IORA, silver flats from BATA.
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4. Black vest from TF, white top from Gio, pants from Esprit, and heels from NOVO
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5. Jackie Chan cafe opening and party
Black vest from TF, black top from Gio, black pants from TF, Golden belt, heels from VS, black bag from ON.
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6. Green retro dress from TF, black belth, Guess straw Bag (Benny bought for me during our 5th anniversary), Golden wedges from NOVO.
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7. Gathering for SIM clicks at Dempsey. White togo top from VS, black pants from TF, heels from VS, red bag from Guess (borrow from sister)
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
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8. Went to Holland V to celebrate Suekay’s birthday. Headband from m)phosis, Black vest from TF, tube top from topshop, leggings from TF, heels from NOVO and maroon bag from online.
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Exam coming and I haven’t start studying yet, suppose to start this week but :(, ok going to start tmr and yap really tmr!!

Sue Ching called up just now when I was having a nap, ask me out for movie but can’t go coz suppose to wake up and study.. Really really miss them alot.. Since after this exam, I will graduate (hopefully) and I got 6 months to relax and work for my degree next year June. So will have more times spend and things will be going well ba. Since everything is settle and hopefully my piggy bank also will be stable.. -,-“

Sometimes when I think back, I may make a hasty decision to resign with minimal or no savings in my bank and happily sign up for the course which I got not enough money to pay, have to ask help from friends and finally Uncle to settle for me and pay him back monthly. But I don’t regret the decision I have make, really thanks to family, Benny and my friends who stay around and support me ya.. (become emotional again lolz) maybe because the course is coming to the end and I really can’t bare to leave my current groups of friends in SIM, which I spend time studying, eating and drink with them. Help and tutor me when I went China for competition for 1 month, seriously without them I think I will have “left overs” for my sems.

Time flies really fast, so fast that sometimes you will feel that is abit unreal when your dream is getting nearer. When everythings seems to fall in nicely as what you have plan but sometimes you will scared that just one mistake, you may have to start all over again. Maybe start all over again isn’t that bad, course it means that you have the strength , the engery and will power to do it. Worse is you decided to give it up. I don’t believe it movies or shows where the the successful people will always said, “我的字典里,没有失败两个字” It means, there is no such word ~ failure in my dictionary. I don’t believe because, it means that you never taste the bitterness of failure, you will never know how tasteful the success means to you so you will never appreciate the stuff and people around you. Because of failure, you stand up from where you fall, it makes you a stronger person.

I hope my Pheblotomist course will be starting next year, still no news from the poly yet. I want to take the course!!!

**Pray hard and study hard**

Oh ya saw one of my blog reader at Tampines Mac on tue, thanks for calling me 😛 Haha.. Although I didn’t get your name, but its nice of you and really thanks for reading my blog! At least my blog still “read-able” Haha.. **faint**


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