My New Chapter of Life ~ Motherhood


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Hohoho.. Hi everyone!!!

Finally get my butt off to blog! Haha… getting lazy.. NO Lah.. 
Once I got free time, need to settle my online business stuff and spend time taking pics of my baby girl.. haha.. 

Sleep also take, nothing to do also take.. lol.. 

Now, What’s her name? You may ask.. 

TAN Yi HE, ι™ˆθ‹‘η¦Ύ

The meaning of her name ~ 

Because she’s born in the year of rabbit, so when we (Mr Tan, me and my mom) were choosing her name, we got to make sure there is no “water” in her name otherwise rabbit will get drown πŸ˜› rabbit don’t know how to swim mah.. haha.. 

Yi θ‹‘ ~ means a kind of barley/grass, so that she have a shelter
He η¦Ύ ~ rice plant, so she have food to eat.. 

Having the basic, hoping she will be happy and be contented on what she have. πŸ˜€

Not only that, in chinese there is one saying ~
“δ»₯ε’ŒδΈΊθ΄΅” (yi he wei gui), it means harmony is precious. 
Even though the chinese character is different, but the pinyin sounds the same. 
Then we were saying maye the next child will name as “wei gui” 
So we have “yi he wei gui” haha.. joking.. so funny to be call “wei gui”

Another question you may ask, any English name? This is the most common questions I got before my Baby Yi He is out to the world. 

Initially the answer is NO.. 

Because, I find that is quite common nowadays and in order to be unique you got to create yourself, but other people will have difficulties pronouncing it.. 

Mr Tan and me talk about this before I was pregnant and even after I gave birth, my answer is still NO.. 

But end up, we gave her one, because my FIL was very keen on having english name for her. Mr Tan, my FIL & SIL was talking or rather I say bombing me about english name on that day I gave birth… -.-” ok I give up.. *2 hands up*

So Mr Tan name her Leann.. 

But we are still calling her Yi He, including my family. So far, nobody call her Leann except when we go for checkup.. haha.. yap the nurses and the doctors. That’s the agreement between Mr Tan and me.. πŸ˜›

My good friend was so happy to know that I got her an english name.. lolz.. But she ask me why never name after her.. haha.. She’s cute lah!


Ok now currently I’m at my 3rd week of my confinement, enjoying my confinement and the food until I got rashes on the 5th day of my confinement. T.T

Not sure what exactly causes it, but most likely is due to the sweat, sticky and also the massage oil. 

The rashes was terrible to the extend I was crying in the middle of the night (one of the night) when I’m feeding my baby.. T.T and when Mr Tan came to visit me, I cry again, cry even more when Mr Tan hug me.. I find that during my pregnancy-cause-injury and when I got rashes, I really need him a lot, otherwise before that I’m a super independent lady.. make me feel a bit stupid during my confinement.. >.<

End up went to see doctor took medication and mom ask me to on the fan but facing another direction (not blowing to me directly) to keep me skin cool to prevent the rashes getting worst. 

My rashes.. this is only one part of it. 
My New Chapter of Life ~ Motherhood 1
But I’m glad the rashes are getting better, still feel a little bit itchy at times when weather getting too humid. But so far still alright. The rashes area turns into a greyish patch.. so ugly.. T.T going to apply whitening cream vigorously once my confinement is over!

Mr Tan bought me a gift few days later after I gave birth ~ 
My “push gift” πŸ˜›

My New Chapter of Life ~ Motherhood 2

At least make my day brighter.. hehe.. 

Other then the rashes, the first 2 weeks is quite tiring because I’m doing total breast feeding. And breast milk digest faster then normal formula milk. So got to keep on feeding her. There’s one period of time I got to feed her almost hourly due to the growth spurt. When the phase is over, her schedule is back to about 2hourly. 

Now going into 4th week, she can sleep up to almost 4hours before the next feeding. πŸ™‚ 

But In order to have better milk flow and increase in milk supply, not only got to breast feed her, I got to pump after that. Is tedious when starting out, but once you get a hand of it, it’s great and not tiring anymore. Of coz as a sleeping pig, I wish to have more sleep lah.. haha.. 

I’m still a piglet… oink oink!!


Now its Photos time!!

Her Sleeping pattern~~~
My New Chapter of Life ~ Motherhood 3
My New Chapter of Life ~ Motherhood 4

My Nephew want to hug hug her cousin
My New Chapter of Life ~ Motherhood 5

Me and Yi He, sleeping shiok shiok after drinking
My New Chapter of Life ~ Motherhood 6
Daddy, mummy and Yi He
My New Chapter of Life ~ Motherhood 7
Finally manage to capture her laughter!! Took me ages man.. haha.. 
My New Chapter of Life ~ Motherhood 8

Can’t wait for baby full month party, X’mas party and Chinese new year!! Because Mr Tan and I going to bring her out for all the parties!! Yappie.. πŸ˜€

Btw, thanks to bosses and friends for the gifts and hamper on my delivery day and friends who visit me at my place.. Hopefully I still look presentable during my confinement.. with oily hair and face.. >.<

My New Chapter of Life ~ Motherhood 9


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