My girl looks like Chicken Little or Pororo?


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I always believe something happen for a reason (nothing about religion). Because of this incident I keep telling my mom is so coincidental and things fall in place nicely!


When I tendered my resignation letter, I wasn’t offer any job yet. Big move right, resigning a job without a new job! But lucky enough I was given a position in SNEC not long after. I thought I can have longer break with my daughter and enjoy my life first.. hahaha..

So when I start work, my superior send me for an ophthalmic training course. During the 2nd week of attachment I get to know one of my colleague from the paediatrics department. Being a typical kiasu mom I ask lots of questions, and I didn’t realise just a normal rubbing of eyes can cause a problem! My daughter really have a habit of rubbing her eyes especially after bathing and before falling asleep, but her rubbing has getting quite frequently and excessively when I started working. To the extend of rubbing her eyes lids till red and swollen.

Ok so when kids excessively rubbing their eye what exactly happen?

The rubbing action will actually shape the cornea thus causing astigmatism!!!

How many of you know that?! I have been working in eye area for 5yrs plus but sad to say I didn’t know that!! Maybe because the ex-bosses I’ve in-charged with, handle more on adults eye disease. The moment my colleague told me be careful that her excessive rubbing might induce astigmatism, I jaw drop and I told myself almost 80% she might have astigmatism already.

So my sixth sense was right, she does have an astigmatism. -.-!!

Some kids have astigmatism from the moment they are born, is normal and some will get better. The cut off point for astigmatism degree is -1.00. My girl was tested at -2.00. That’s high hur.. The doctor mentioned she might have born with it or the rubbing might have causes it.
Good thing is, I found out early, get treatment early so hopefully it will get better. If I have notice it later, her brain might “shut off” and forces one of her to become lazy eye. That’s where you may have seen some kids with eye patches on or one side of their glasses is cover up.

I’m also glad that she was not diagnose to have myopia, it could have been worse! My colleague keep emphasize to me practice good eye care. He said even though me and Mr Tan are myopic but genes is 35%, 65% is environment. We can work on the 65%.
You can say myopia only what just wear glasses. Is more serious than what it is! Once you have myopia is forever increasing on and on and only stabilize until one reaches adulthood. When you have high myopia, you will have higher risk of
– Retinal detachment
– Glaucoma
– Early Cataract etc…
So is not just wearing glasses as simple as that.

Some of my readers may wonder is it because I give my daughter handphone, ipad, Galaxy Note etc gadgets to play? Answer is no.

Since young, I don’t let my girl expose to IT gadgets like handphone, laptop, computer etc. So when her previous school does that I wasn’t really happy and feedback to the principle and eventually pull her out of that school (there is some other reasons too). Some of the teacher was playing hp with my daughter, I wasn’t very pleased. Her TV time was limited to an hour for the whole day, not one hr continuously, with breaks in between. For example in her current school they have TV break while waiting for parents to fetch, roughly about 30mins. So at home will left 30mins.

She doesn’t watch shows while eating, she can only either watch me or look at her food, so boring right.. haha.. and because of that her meal can go up to an hr. It really makes me want to pull my hair at times.
Bringing her out every weekend is also my routine, to the beach, picnic, farm, shopping mall etc… Seeing far more often also helps in having good eye habits.

The treatment for her astigmatism?

Is to make a pair of glasses for her to wear, hopefully in 3 months review she will get better. I know somehow 50/50 she will eventually got myopic, but I don’t wish to developed that so early, the later age she got it, the risk will get lesser.

Let’s intro my little cutie pie!!

20131013_180035[1] My girl looks like Chicken Little or Pororo? 1My girl looks like Chicken Little or Pororo? 2

Does my girl look like Chicken little or Pororo?? So cute right!! haha.. I was reluctant to have a pink spectacle, but have to make do with it because I went 7-8 shops, all the smallest kids design none of them fit her small frame. My girl have a real small frame compare to some of her same age friends.

Anyway she no need to wear glasses 24/7, just need it when she is watching tv, or do near work like colouring. Trying to make her wear is not an easy thing, we tried all sorts of methods like > bribery using food, I will wear a fake pair of glasses (my girl is one vainpot so she follow whatever I do), etc.. Sometimes she understand that she need to wear so she will point to her eyes and tell me. Hopefully things will keep it nicely this way till we see the doctor in 3 months time!

During my attachment and before my daughter was diagnosed, I told Mr Tan that after my probation over , I want to bring Yi He and my future kids for yearly eye check up. You may feel that I’m anal in this, but having an attachment of 1month, accompany doctors seeing all sorts of cases, I really feel heart pain when it comes to younger patients. I keep thinking if this is my child how will I feel, and my eyes start to get watery..

I’m glad that my colleague was very helpful and spend time explain to me in details, treatment and outcome. Is nice to be in a new work environment to have nice bosses and helpful colleagues. 😛 Makes me adapt here real fast. keeping my finger cross hopefully this can go smoothly till my probation is over.

Brought my girl to Vivo city over the weekend. This is actually her first time playing with Vivo city playground facilities. I should say is quite fun, but if you are bringing young toddlers, best is to have 2 adults around, because trying to push my pram up and down the uneven slope and chasing her can be quite a challenge.

My girl is one cheeky monkey, she doesn’t no what is fear, climb at the edge of the slope, mixing around kids bigger than her, not scared of being squashed up, run round the whole play area and didn’t even bother to look for me! I think she have some tomboy genes from mommy.. hahaha..

Saw my good friend and her daughter in Vivo! Her daughter is alsoa bunny baby! My friend still b-feeding her daughter very powerful right!


ok that’s all for tonight! Need to catch my sleep! Lastly one more pics of my cutie pie!! I seriously think she look more like chicken Little hahaha,,,


After this episode I keep telling Mr Tan , trust your wife please. Because he always find that I’m paranoid over little stuff, but I’m proud to say due to my 职业病, most of my daughter little unwell signs and symptoms are discovered by me and treated earlier. But I don’t wish to pick up any bad stuff anymore >.< hahaha…


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