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Gosh… can’t imagine I didn’t blog for more than a year!

Have been wanting to go back to blogging but seriously working, baby and housework has been stopping me to blog. Website designing company “Joji Design” has helped me to design my website since August but I only manage to blog now!! And right now I have change to a new job, hopping I have more time for my daughter and also back to social media… hopefully things will stay nicely, not going to say smoothly coz since when life is smooth sailing! Life will be boring without up and down yah, but not too much, getting old you know, don’t think my heart can take it, hahaha!

(*will be updating the 4 banner at the side soon!*)

ok back to what I’m going to post… Have attended 2 events this week. One is Churp Churp Movie event and the other one is Bio Oil 125mls launch.. Both of the events I brought my daughter along, I’m glad both the organisers are kind to have her around.. yes my girl does stick to me 24/7 unless I’m working.

Anyway back to the event, my parenting experience can come later (if there is even one soul is interested, i will blog soon on that)

1. Churpremiere ~ Cloudy with a Chance of Meatball 2

I got this event by joining one of the contest organise by Churp Churp SG. So we got to hashtag them in instagram on food decoration, and this is my wining post ~
Cute hor! Hahaha… some ways to make my daughter meals more interesting….. can see my instagram for more food decoration.
My girl follows me to event! 1


So this is my happy family and time flies! My girl is coming to 2yrs old next month!! Erm… hair stylist is the Mommy, please don’t laugh, if I’m good I will be working in a hair salon.. hahahaha…..

My girl follows me to event! 2

Aston for dinner before the movie starts, trying to have our dinner in less than 45mins with a kid around, really a challenge but lucky we manage it. Thanks to the broccoli and carrot, she loves it a lot so she just concentrate on the vegetables while I fed her fish and potato.

Yi He first trip to movie theatre~~

So engross! But that last about an hr… So far she only sit still during musical show.. Movie.. not really.So if going to bring her to a movie I need to choose a short screening time. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Window shopping after the show! Shopping is really a girl thing, or did she imitate me on how I do my shopping?! U will be surprise how kids can imitate you so well!

Overall the show was not bad, so many cute characters esp the “Berries”! Yi He can’t stop raising up her voice saying “草莓” (We converse in mandarin), and also her other favourite fruits, banana and blueberries.  I really got to salute whoever created the animals with all types of fruits and food. Is so so so amazing.. everybody around me was like “ooh so cute, wow, etc…” You guys should really watch it, especially those schooling kids. I feel that it will seriously make them think out of the box, boost up their creativity(i hope so).. let me know how you feel after watching it.
My girl follows me to event! 3
SO CUTE RIGHT!!! Wish I can just kidnapped her home… erm.. for myself.. hahahaha..

Mr Tan downloaded part 1 as requested by me b’coz we didn’t even watch part 1 before, so I got a bit blur during the starting part of part 2. Hope to catch it over the weekend!


2. Bio-oil 125mls launch @ Rokeby Bistro


Received the invitation by bio-oil to attend the launch. I’m so glad the PR company contacted me via twitter coz I think the email was in the junk mail. Lucky I didn’t miss it, is quite an eye opener to me! didn’t know bio-oil can help to apply make up in such a fuss free way.  Thanks to the organiser for allowing my daughter to attend, last min Mr Tan forgotten that he has a meeting to attend. Lucky my daughter was well entertained by food.. as usual her favourite.. actually so long is food is all her favourite lah… She of coz has some picky habit but parenting stuff will share it next time. Back to bio-oil!

All the make-up prepared for us to sample how it works wonder..

So enjoying her cheese cake.. Thanks to the staff who offered her, makes my life a lot easier.

Make up demonstration by Andrea Claire, her instagram @aclairebeauty, on one of the blogger guest ~ Katherine, who is the owner of an online parenting magazine

Katherine and her partner Amanda is very nice person! Appreciate that they strike a conversation with me, otherwise I do feel a bit out of place with my daughter… haha and I reach there late also!

I can’t believe they are mommies coz they are real slim, fit and pretty. Amanda has shared with me a lot of her soup recipe. Can’t wait to try it and share it with you guys! If you r craving for more ideals can go over to their website and check out.


Trying it myself.. actually i’m sucks at makeup, those who knows me will realised that I always go for natural makeup. I’ll  just draw thicker eyeliner and put fake eyelash for dinner event. So I’m surprise how bio-oil can help me so well in applying the eyeshadow… really good for those who just started putting makeup or a makeup idiot like me. My mom and sis also laugh at my makeup.. -.-“

Still trying to learn how to use my camera well, hopefully you guys can see. The left side which you can see is much more patchy, uneven and too much of a glitter, the right side is apply with a bit of bio-oil and blend it together with eyeshadow, can see is quite even and natural. So this method wouldn’t go wrong, you will not curse under your breath and said shit apply too much.. hahaha.. I always do that! Anyway, I’m so going to try this method on this coming Saturday, a dinner event on some medical talks. Hopefully it works, keeping my finger cross.. hahaha..

Other then eye shadow, you can use to blend it with your foundation and work under the eye bag area! Cool right, so no need to worry too much concealer will cause panda eyes 😛 There is a few more methods she have demo,  using it on cream blusher, lipsticks etc… can try it!

I have check with Bio-oil staff, whether is it safe to use it on kids, they recommend to use it on kids above 2yrs old. If there is any underlying skin or medical conditions, do consult doctor before using it.

If I’m pregnant with no. 2, I want to try this bio-oil. Since they advertise so much on helping scars and stretch marks. Let’s see if it works! 😛

For those who is interested to try, you can get the new 125mls in Watsons, guardian etc.. Those who have tried for scars or stretch marks, please tell me if it works!

end this post with a beautiful quote ~~~



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