Yesterday went to see doctor… got a lump at my right upper eye lid. Has been there for few weeks. But didn’t bother much coz its not painful, not obvious also. It was told to me by the make up artise (Ralph cool gal). But it has gotten worse coz everybody starts to notice the lump. And i started to feel discomfort and slight pain on monday night Image hosted by Was given ointment and eye drop to apply. Have to go back on friday to see doctor again, if no well have to refer to eye centre to remove to pust. Image hosted by
Dear asked me whether i still want to do my shooting today, of course still want. My eye is not swollen yet so its not obvious don’t want to let my money ‘fly’ away. But have to becareful.. the makeup may worsen my condition. Image hosted by Dun want to think about it liao.. just pray hard so i no need to go for the operation.

Oh yar.. the photoshot yesterday was such a fun and its my first time to be such daring. don’t let you ppl know what is it about.. (not naked photos ok..)Image hosted by And the photos for last week is out.. more to make over type. As for yesterday is fashion – office wear.


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