Mr Tan’s Birthday!!


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Happy Birthday to my Hubby 11.03.2012!! Haha…. 

My family had a short celebration for Mr Tan, just a simple dinner and cake for him. Initially my mom wanted to cook but we were against the idea coz we are already outside and have to rush home to buy ingrediants and cook. So we just eat seafood feast at Kovan area. 

Before that some pics taken at Nex Shopping Mall. 😀

Guess who is carry whose baby?? Hehe.. 
Mr Tan's Birthday!! 1
Woohoo… Strawberry Shortcake from Uncle Roy ans Aunt Shn. 😀
Mr Tan's Birthday!! 2
My mommy and nephew
Mr Tan's Birthday!! 3
My nephew running around “testing” all the sofa.. Haha.. 
Mr Tan's Birthday!! 4
Finally at Kovan for Seafood feast!! hehe… only took the salted egg crab. >.< Busy eating.. haha.. This dish is nice but a bit too watery for my liking.. 
Mr Tan's Birthday!! 5
We and our baby!! One breast feeding, one feeding breast milk in bottles!! haha.. 
Mr Tan's Birthday!! 6
Mr Tan's Birthday!! 7
After dinner we went home to have birthday cake, wanted to have a surprise for Mr Tan but as usual and he also rushing for time to fetch my father-in-law.. he exposed my surprise..-.-
Mr Tan's Birthday!! 8
Video clip on Yi He! She’s so happy when we are singing the birthday song!!

The next day, my sister-in-law treat Mr Tan for buffet at Todai @ Marina Bay Sands. 

Yi He’s outfit! Guess what she’s wearing 9 months old outfit.. >.< Haha.. Baby really grow very fast, lucky I didn’t buy a lot of clothes for her. 
Mr Tan's Birthday!! 9

She doing some serious window shopping.. no disturb.. 
Mr Tan's Birthday!! 10

Mr Tan's Birthday!! 11
Mr Tan's Birthday!! 12
Mr Tan's Birthday!! 13
A small map on where the food is located.. That’s nice 😀
Mr Tan's Birthday!! 14
Yummy food!
I love the Alaska crab leg, had 2 serving plus..
The 2nd pics at the 2nd row, initially I though is fried fish but is actually fried ginseng! Special hur.. I love it!

The last pics on the right is sweet rice drink! Is one of my favorite korean dish. Very nice and refreshing.

Mr Tan's Birthday!! 15
Overall I find that the food is not bad, but the negative thing is you got to wait for the chef to top up the food which usually take quite a while some quite fast. They didn’t display a lot of food out. I think they do it for food freshness. They are very friendly and willingly to top up the food if you request. 

Most likely will bring my mom for her birthday in Oct coz same as me she love buffet!!

Family shot! I look so funny.. >.<
Mr Tan's Birthday!! 16

Me and Baby Yi He 

Mr Tan's Birthday!! 17

After that we went home to rest for awhile and head down to Conrad Hotel for our dinner. 😀

Mr Tan's Birthday!! 18

Mr Tan's Birthday!! 19

Nice little flower deco

Mr Tan's Birthday!! 20
My favorite tomato juice!
Mr Tan's Birthday!! 21
Mr Tan and his precious
Mr Tan's Birthday!! 22
Mr Tan's Birthday!! 23

Since we were quite full and also we got the wedding anniversary voucher from Conrad, Mr Tan and I ordered those “special” dishes. 

How special?

8 head abalone with truffles. This dish it self cost $48+++!! Mr Tan ordered one, didn’t expect it to be quite small but its very nice!!. 😛

I love love the truffles sauce.. This is really a must try if you are going there to eat. 

Mr Tan's Birthday!! 24

Sharkfin soup

Mr Tan's Birthday!! 25

My favorite corn and crab meat soup. Yes I had 2 soup, I really love to drink soup although I’m not a Cantonese. 

Mr Tan's Birthday!! 26

While waiting for our dessert, I plan a little small surprise for him, and finally after 9 yrs I manage to surprise him!!! Hubby said I’m easy as a book, easy to satisfy easy to “look through” so none of my surprise success!! Finally!! Haha.. Love his expressions when he saw the cake!
Mr Tan's Birthday!! 27

Our yummy dessert!! 

Mr Tan had avocado and ice-cream highly recommended by the waiter. It’s really refreshing, not too creamy. 
Mr Tan's Birthday!! 28

My beauty dessert

Mr Tan's Birthday!! 29

That ends Mr Tan birthday dinner.. 😀


We went to Taka Baby fair last week to get some plates and spoon as Baby Yi  He is going to have some real food in 2 months time!!

Bought 2 packet of bowl, each packet have 3 bowls and cost $10plus and if u spend $20 and above u get some free stuff like milk bottles and shaver. But we don’t need any milk bottles and not to mention shaver.. 

So we told the sales rep we prefer the other offer which is you spend above $10 you can have free 1 pkt of spoon! So we have 2 pkt!! Hehe..

Mr Tan also bought another set of spoon which is very cheap $3plus for 10 spoons. This one is good for bringing it outside out for school whereby u wouldn’t feel heart pain if you lost it. 😛

Mr Tan's Birthday!! 30

And I also bought 3 pcs of romper for $10!! Cheap cheap… Bought 12months size so she can wear it longer. 

Mr Tan's Birthday!! 31
After shopping we went to Yoshinoya for dinner. 🙂
Mr Tan's Birthday!! 32

Happy Yi He

Mr Tan's Birthday!! 33

Daddy and daughter moment~~

Mr Tan's Birthday!! 34
Wooo.. finally finish my long post 😛

Bought swim float for Baby Yi He, planning to bring her out for swimming soon. But after I bought the float I realised I haven’t buy swim diaper for her.. haha.. Just bought a swim diaper online cheap cheap $6!! Hehe.. Can’t wait for it to arrived. 

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