I wouldn’t be starting my new job on Monday, it will be on Tuesday. 🙁 Friday received a call from UniSIM, they called me for an interview on Monday morning for my course, couldn’t change the timing as Monday is the last day of the interview.. -,-“

So no choice got to call up my boss and tell her I couldn’t come. She sound alright and keep telling me no worries, but so embarrassing.. I hope the interview will be a good one! 😀 Seriously I need to get some formal wear! **some excuses for shopping** haha…

原本明天要到新的公司上班, 可是星期五接到学校打来得电话, 要我明天早上做录学应征。真是的!无法更换日期,因为明天是最后一天的录学应征。。。没办法只好打给老板, 改星期二上班。一直说抱歉,老板说不要紧, 可是真不好意思。

真希望明天的应征是顺利地。 也是时候买些正式上班的衣服了。**有了购物的理由哦。。嘿嘿!**

Saturday is the last day I’m helping out aesthetic centre as a locum nurse, so took some photos with the staff and Dr Wong. Really enjoy working with you guys! 😀
Pardon my look.. haha..

星期六是我最后一天在诊所帮忙。 做了一年的自由护士, 在这诊所待的最久。很高兴能和你们一起做工!

Dr Wong (Prof Wong), he’s the nicest doctor/professor I have ever meet. He’s funny also.. haha..
王医生/教授, 他是我见过最可爱的医生。。 哈哈
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My working pals…
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Btw thanks christyn for your gift. 😀

Lastly ending this post with my dear Maomao.. so long never appear in my blog.. haha..
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Monday blues… but must stay happy and positive!!