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Making Tang Yuan with the kids

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Tomorrow is 元宵节 (yuan xiao jie aka Lantern Festival)! The last day of Chinese New Year. On this day, Chinese from all over the world will eat tang yuan to symbolise 全家团圆,幸福美满 (reunion, harmony, and happiness).

During Chu Er, while eating tang yuan (those with filings) for breakfast, Yi He requested for the colorful, plain tang yuan. I promised her and went to buy all the necessary ingredients last week coz I know I would not have time these few days.

How I wish time doesn’t tick tock so fast. So fast is already March and last day of Chinese New Year tomorrow.

Today it’s a crazy mad rush day, so rush and busy that I missed out my girl’s doctor’s and blood test appointment. 😣 The blood test is so important! So angry with myself. The irritating thing is, I did set notifications on my calendar. haiz… hopefully, I can get a date next week.

Just happened that today is the Baby Fair setup day, running around doing errands and fetch kids. Other than being angry myself for missing the appointment, I’m really blessed to have wonderful staffs helping me to run the setup today. Otherwise, I need to find some ways to clone myself! #lifeofaworkingmom

Yi He helping out at the fair. She so enthusiastic about helping out, that she wouldn’t want to leave until I told her we will be late fetching Xin He.

Making Tang Yuan with the kids 1

Since my time is tight today and I promised Yi He on the tang yuan, I didn’t cook dinner in order to have time for them to make tang yuan.

Making Tang Yuan with the kids 2

Got them their favorite color, orange and pink. Wanted to use natural color, obviously no time, so mommy just take the easy way out.

I could see that Yi He does things quickly and Xin He prefer to take her own sweet time. Yi He, with an impatient character, took Xin He’s dough and started doing. So Xin He started her whining. *face palms*.

So their tang yuan comes in different sizes and not exactly round, but they are excited to bring it to school and childcare for the snack. Double win!

I have also started Yi He on using knife and cooking. It’s time for her to move on from plucking vegetables and mashing potatoes. I hope by giving her more responsibilities, this can further help her in her Primary school environment.

Making Tang Yuan with the kids 3

Yihe cooking pasta! Actually she wasn’t wearing gloves, but after awhile she finds it too hot. Haha.. I told her to endure but she ran away to take the gloves.

After cooking, she said why her pasta taste is not nice. Haha.. I told her is nice, the more she practices, the nicer it is.

Hopefully, this cooking and learning journey can also train her patience.


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