Nice and inspiring song…

Get to know this sound through FP. Is a very nice song, sang by a 17 year old lady name lovynn. The Chinese version of the lyrics: This is the English version translate by one of the member in the Change the world forum. *Chorus Start* Before I close my eyes for the last […]

Mixed Feelings….

Last week, dear told me that he will be in army in this coming June. When i heard the news i was very happy. Don’t get me wrong. Its not that i don’t want dear at my side. If he can’t go army this year how long more will we have to wait to build […]

@ ^,^ @

Yesterday had my English Lesson (‘o’ level) at Serangoon Secondary. From 7pm to 10pm. Have a funny feeling… Coz its a long time since i study “O” level. Almost forget how to write a composition. Lucky the teacher was quite good.. so manage to get in hand . So far quite good. Hope there will […]


Boring wor.. my ward sister just called me just now. Ask me not to come to work today, (me on night shift, that goes my night shift allowance… ). Coz my ward only got 16 patients.. due to the VRE, isolation, home etc.. so only little patients left. Boring wor.. nothing to do.. maybe i’m […]

My eyes… Sob

Yesterday went to see doctor… got a lump at my right upper eye lid. Has been there for few weeks. But didn’t bother much coz its not painful, not obvious also. It was told to me by the make up artise (Ralph cool gal). But it has gotten worse coz everybody starts to notice the […]


I think by now everbody has know what happen lately in SGH after the media release yesterday. Its about a bacteria call VRE. What exactly is VRE and how does it spread? Since me missy, better let you guys know so when you people see me don’t run away from me ah.. VRE: Vancomycin Resistant […]


Ok.. thants how react when i feel the whole house shaking yesterday night… . Its my first time to experience this kind of thing. After that called my bf what happen.. i dunno whether is it i’m excited or scare.. hee.. After that he msg me that there is an earthquake in sumatra. . Was […]

Nothing much to write today. Picture