Yesterday watched a tv programme in channel U call “Y project”. Is a topic about nurses and healthcare teams. Watching this shows brings back memerios of how my colleagues and me work during the past 2 years. To tell the truth, watching this shows really makes me want to go back to work as a nurse again. To care, to save and to cry and laugh with the patients again. But still, i have to look forward building my future. My dream of becoming a nurse since young have come true, or at least half of it have come true. Was thinking the whole night, maybe after taking my diploma course in SIM (hopefully) shall i go and try Diploma in Nursing again? Or shall i just stick to Psychology? Coz no matter what psychology is the course i would love to study..

Conculsion: Wait till i have been accepted and pass out first.. Or i may decide to do something different. Kaoz…
End of my wondering topic……

Oh ya, thanks ppl, for the support of, do intro more stuff ok!!
Later going Club momo again for Mr Singapore World.. See you ppl there.. ;p


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