Life getting more fulfilling

Thinking of a appropriate blog title took me awhile (my English not say super fantastic lah..), wondering what is the best way to describe my

Disney On Ice & Shopping Spree!

Finally once a year Disney On Ice is here!! Is always my must watch every year (before I had my girl even), just to catch

Praying to ancestor

清明时节雨纷纷, 路上行人欲断魂, 借问酒家何处有, 牧童摇指杏花村。

The new joy

I believe for those who have been follow my instagram or FB will know that we are going to have a new family member this

Skinny Pizza

Won a S$80 dinning voucher from Skinny Pizza organize by BubbaMama. So brought hubby and Yi He along yesterday to Wheelock Place have a feast! My small family!

SNEC Eye Care Day

Last Saturday was SNEC 14th Eye Care Day. This year was a special event both for SNEC and for me. For me is because first

Discover Singapore

From my friend’s FB status, I came to know about Discovery Center and the best part – is free to all Singaporean. So without dragging,

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