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Finish my last paper today.. and also a day I attended my friend’s wake. The feeling is inbearable. When someone who passed away is around your aged and talented in everyways and everything.

Nobody expect this thing to happen, a wonderful trip, wonderful sports and wonderful friends around.

Even though in nursing, we are taught about the life and death.. its a natural thing in life, but it really caught us unexpected, where life infront of him is still a long way.

This month is really an experience for me. Attended friends baby one yr old and another one is full month and this coming saturday will be wedding. Is really a cycle one birth, stepping into each other lifes and death.

From the family message:

Treasure the moments you have with your family.
Spend more time with your loved ones now.
Don’t wait till something happen, or when its too late!


Although I know you only from Mr World, but you are not forgotten, because its my first pageant to judge and to know wonderful guys like you and the rest.
Rest In Peace ~ Reuben

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Banana Cake

Banana cake is the best way to clear your banana asap if they are over ripe. And it’s easy to make and tastes delicious. My family love this buttery banana cake that taste similar like the famous banana cake across the border.
But that’s for you to try out.

Family-friendly Attractions in Taipei

Our Taipei trip is only 3D2N and focuses mainly on the attractions and eateries in the Da’an district. We also travel around via public transport and purchased the unlimited Funpass.

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