Life of a Mumtrepreneur

The motive of starting a business is unlike what most entrepreneur have in mind, earning big bucks while doing something they like, bigger dreams like owning a few cafe/retail shops, making their products go worldwide or even hoping to become a listed company. My dream wasn’t becoming an entrepreneur (at all). My childhood dream is to become a nurse and a housewife. Yes housewife haha.. Just because I love to cook for my love ones so being a housewife is a good idea for me. But no one will imagine how powerful of the tiny life in our body can make people dreams change.

So this tiny little life totally change my life.. a life I would never imagine I will be able or even believe that I can do it ~

A mumtrepreneur. 
A woman who starts a business to follow a vision, to make money, and to be the master of her own soul in a way that will allow her to fulfil her role as a parent in a way that she desires.
Fiona Lewis

Initially I was just selling small baby products online just to earn some extra pocket-money (sound so student haha.. ) until when one of the customer questioned about the authenticity of my kidsme food feeder. Anyway you can read the whole story here.
So the start of entrepreneur is always exciting and full of challenges, but things doesn’t seems that easy when I’m still holding a full-time job. Isn’t easy.. being a working mom is already so tough yet I’m holding another business.. And things get even more HUGE ~ the company expanded ~ added another 3 more brands.  Sometime when I think back, I think I’m crazy and I’m not sure whether did I make the right decision. Invested so much money and time, bringing kids “running” round the whole Singapore doing delivery, falling asleep with my make-up on so many times.
But what can I really do? I can’t sew, I can’t bake (I mean I can bake, passable but not sell-able type) I’m not IT train, I don’t write very well, I’m not a train speakers or a consultant in anyway.. all this can easily turn one into an entrepreneur without using much capital. (Not interested in MLM)

So I can only stick what I know best at this moment, baby products and purchaser (to be exact shopping).

Girls following me to work and recently Xin He follow me to Jan Baby Fair show in Suntec. We set up a playpen behind the cashier to let her sleep.

Trying to “help” me put up the stocks. Actually most of the time is 60% playing 40% helping.. haha
Haha.. this is so fun!
Napping during the baby fair.

Bringing them to photo shoots

She was actually throwing temper. just because she wants to be part of the shoot.
Mama.. the sun is very hot, enough of selfie ok
Yi He: Are you taking a photo of me?
Hubby helps to entertain the girls while I doing the product photo shoot.
Bruises I got from doing all the stocks take and tidying up of warehouse

All this continue for a year and finally we had our own new line of  baby products Mitera. Really tough, because we need to liaise with so many factories, designer (I’m not so clever lah), printing company, packaging company… omg… basically is not only money not enough, time also not enough. But lucky all went smooth and we successfully launch it during the Jan Baby Fair.

That is also when my dream finally come true ~ WAHM aka work at home mom. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as 123. I can’t possible just throw the paper. cancel IFC, bring my girl home and start my work like this. There is so many unfinished paper work, stock taking and coordinating need to do. End up we still have to leave Xin He at IFC, on the positive side, I can bring both the girls home early! No longer 630-7pm and no more Saturday school. Xin He and I are blessed to have wonderful teachers in her IFC taking really good care of her, constantly whatsapp me about her progress.

Just happen that Xin He fall sick this few days, I can happily taking care of her without reporting to anyone that I’m not coming to work for few days. No guilt feeling! But that doesn’t mean I can shake leg.. While Xin He is resting, I got to use that short period of time to finish up my paper work.

How I work.. At the foot of my bed
Prison break!!!

 Although my Momtrepreneur journey is not as tough as some of the moms due to the fact that both my girls are in school, but at least I have more time for them, cook for them, play with them especially after dinner.

As for now, I’m happy with the arrangement. I can no need to worry about whether I have enough annual leave, childcare leave, I can accompany to both my girls’ school excursion with no guilt. They no need to go to childcare on Saturday anymore (esp most of the time they are the only one in school). I can take care of my sick girl with no worries and less stressful. I can cooked and baked many wonderful meals and dessert, spend time playing with them without feeling the rush of time. 

Playing with the girls after meal. Previously it was not possible because by the time I finish cooking and dinner, it's time for bed.
Playing with the girls after meal. Previously it was not possible because by the time I finish cooking and dinner, it’s time for bed.
Teaching Yi He to write and colour
Teaching Yi He to write and colour

Because of the extra time I have earned I feel blessed enough. Maybe number 3(still trying) will have the privilege of not going to IFC? That I’m not sure, but I’m working towards it. Making small little goals, keeps me happy, because I know I’m on the right path.

I really encourage mothers to earn a bit of money to save for raining days. Because you wouldn’t know what does the future hold. And I’m fortunate enough to have my hubby and family support. Investors and friends who have helped along the way.

To all mothers, whether or not, you are working mom, SAHM/WAHM, Momtrepreneur, one thing we have common is we all wish to give our best to our kids. So all of us are great!

To all husband, your wife sacrifice her body, her health just to give you a cute little offspring of your own. She left her comfort zone, her parents just to build a wonderful life with you. It will be nice if you can give her an encouragement or be appreciative of what she have done for you. For you guys will never understand the guilt and struggles a mom will have.


End the post with me and my cutie photos. 




Hihi, I’m Qiqi, a mother of 4, staying in a sunny Singapore. 

Started blogging since 2004, stop blogging in between while trying to manage my parenting life and business. 

Hope my articles help you achieve what you need in life. 




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