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Life getting more fulfilling

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Thinking of a appropriate blog title took me awhile (my English not say super fantastic lah..), wondering what is the best way to describe my life now. It will be a lot easier if I try to describe my current house now > messy like mad!! Lol.. I mean all working mom (especially without helper) will totally agree with me in this!! Previously I make a point to clean the whole house every week, but ever since one week before my first virgin baby expo last month, I haven’t been doing housework thoroughly, even dinner we got to settle outside. Dinner outside is burning my pocket, really not good. Because going food court with a toodler is tough as I only have a pair of hands, no way the tissue can help to chop my seats, no 10% extra service charge for people helping me to carry pipping hot food over to my table and not to mention the “free flow” MSG and whatever sauce they add inside the food. U try eating home cook food everyday, you sure can tell the difference, especially the pregnant me, I feel even worse. But I still do indulge my favourite food like fried hokkien mee, but not everyday.
So I guess you know where I have my dinner, I think the cheapest healthy food is Yoshinoya so far, suitable for me and my girl, I think suits her most, as she always (almost) finish up my vegetables, left me the meat -.-“..

Anyway this is not the topic for today.. finally can squeeze in some time to blog. Spend days and weeks on the website, finally is done!! *keeping my finger cross since everything is just all new*
Hubby say my point of view different from IT people point of view. That’s is so obvious, if I show you the first web design I think everyone agree with me is ugly but since the web designer has made a lot of improvement after I draw to him got to give him some credits. After some editing of myself, the website finally can 见得了人了!


Nice mah??? I hope it is.. T.T Spend so many hours everyday for this website..
Everyday just busy with this website, orders (coz website not ready so have to manually do the orders, until cry can), liaise with potential retailers, doing u blogger/media event and report to the main company for all the recent campaign done.
As a mother already complaining 24/7 not enough for me liao, how I wish I can squeeze in some more time. Priority is accompany my girl and do this sideline, that’s why all the housework 抛在脑后!

Ok back to my first participation in Baby Expo. Really hiccups many many!! But I’m glad to have this kind of experience, at least I know how to handle next time (hopefully not)!
See how “sway” we can get, some more told hubby sure not enough time, he don’t want believe me *blah*…

Anyway one day before the event, busy like shit, start running errands in the early morning after dropping my girl to CC. Finally reach expo in the afternoon to receive my display cabinet, end up makes me smell like spoiled mushrooms after that.

This is the “leg” of the display table, super gross to the max!!

Can imagine my horror a not!! Called up hubby and told him I need help from Kelvin to help me to do cleaning together (hubby good friend, who is also helping out in our 3 days event). Although is the leg have problems but it’s still super gross for me. Hubby couldn’t help because he went to Malaysia to collect our printing materials.

Ordered 3 display cabinets but only 1 is in super good condition because that cabinet is specially made-to-order by me. Wanted to keep those fast going goods underneath end up all goods got to store behind our booth, and lucky there is space for us..
And lucky is only the bottom having issues, imagine the display top have problem? Can no need display my products liao.. super gross, don’t even want my goods to be near any of the “mushrooms”!!
Surprising I didn’t throw my temper, dad even msg me don’t throw temper or quarrel. LOL….

After the delivery uncles help me to lift up the cupboard, I start having my late lunch.. got to cool myself down and start moving all the display in their correct position. So many guys walk past see me preggy move furniture look stunt but never offer help.. -.-

Anyway booth is up!!
20140417_151804 20140417_162548

After moving the furniture around, too shack already, sit down and wait for Kelvin to come with all the disinfected cleaning agents. Saw everyone already start displaying their goods except me, really feed damn emo.. finally when kelvin came and both of us start cleaning, hubby say he’s stuck at Malaysia. Never mind, after that he msg again and say his tyre puncture!! Can be more sway a not.. By then I already have no energy, so after the NETS guys came and set up the NETS machine, I went to my sister’s parents-in-law place to fetch my girl, and so nice of them to offer me dinner, although I already ate some sushi. Can see that I’m super hungry..
Dad and sister’s parents-in-law even offer help to help me move the goods to expo, but I GOT NO KEYS TO WAREHOUSE!!!
Funny?? -.-”’
Too shag too even wait for hubby to fetch me, got my sister and BIL to fetch me back since they are going to the new house. What a day..

The next day, we got up real early (basically only 2-3hrs of sleep, hubby testing the POS system and me doing all the printings and designing), drop my girl to my parents and head to expo to load our goods in lightning speed!!
By the time we finish displaying all the goods, the crowd suddenly swamp in, which caught all of us by surprise!!
Life getting more fulfilling 1
Life getting more fulfilling 2

Can see my fat bump at the cashier counter?? LOL.. most of us are like shouting for each other to take goods etc, coz all goods are at the back, and we didn’t even have time to sort it out the crowds and the Q for payment is WOW…
More photos can view at

And I only manage to take a proper picture of my setup booth on the 2nd day.
Life getting more fulfilling 3

Our kidsme food feeder mascot
Life getting more fulfilling 4

And me playing with the mascot head!!
Life getting more fulfilling 5

Although everyday we end late (except 2nd day is the earliest), we still make an effort to fetch back my girl and accompany her to sleep. I think the one which needs her presence is actually both me and hubby. She is our strength and motivation, although getting her out in one of the morning can be quite a torture, one of her cranky days. Hubby also make a point to do our laundry despite we are home so late. Really thanks to him, no matter in helping or supporting me, although I keep “flying” him every time things are not done properly.

This 3 days small baby event, really a lot of people to thanks and I really feel appreciative friends supporting, helping etc.. Seriously all this will not be successful without my family and friends. You guys really trying to make my dreams come true.. I must have accumulate very good karma in my previous life to have such wonderful family and friends. T.T

Ok, enough of emo-ing.

Things doesn’t stop here once event is over, we need to settle stocks, taking in the sudden increase of orders in food feeder and sending out and preparing for the bloggers event which is also my first time organizing. Approached a few locations and finally we settle with Roosevelt’s Diner & Bar. Thanks to them for sponsoring the location. It’s really a perfect place to hold this event when they serve good food and kids food which the kids can enjoy!! Can check out my previous reviews on them here!

Our mascot welcoming the bloggers and media

All the mommy bloggers and media

Me doing demonstration..

Babies enjoying the feeder

The mommy bloggers who attended the kidsme product reviews
grp1 grp2 grp3 grp4 From left to right >
Junne Baey (, Maggie Quek, Cen-Lin, Charlene aka missuschewy, Serene aka xavvy-licious, Jolin aka JS Arena, Ju Ann and Cindy aka The Hooting Post.

My girl enjoying half of the dragon fruits herself. I think throughout the whole event she eat and eat non stop. I think se having growth spurts recently. For the past one week, besides having one full bowl of meals she drank 300+mls of milk 1hr later before her bed time!!!  真会吃!I think is in the genes!! LMAO!!

And lastly me and the mascot!!

More about kidsme before I end my post for today!

kidsme food feeder
> Award winning and patented product
> Easy to clean, the silicon teats can be sterilize
> Minimize choking
> Encourage self feeding and independence
> Aids in muscle development by chewing.

Don’t think that eating or chewing is just to help them eat hor, is actually more than that!

> Chewing allows your body to break down the food in smaller particles which is makes it easier for digestion.
> Chewing also stimulates saliva production, which contains (digestive) enzymes which helps to break down fats and starches. Helps digestions and better nutrients absorption.
> Chewing is important for speech development. The actions of mouth, lips, tongue, cheeks and jaw when they chew, are the same motor skills which works on the same muscles which is needed for speech development.
> Different textures required different oral motor skills.
Example: Pureed & lumpy food > encourage chewing > tongue exercise
Solid food > chewing > develop and strengthen jaw, as well as lips and
tongue muscle

Premium PPSU kisdme

What is PPSU?
Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) is an amorphous high performance thermoplastic offering better impact resistance and chemical resistance than PP and PES. It can withstand continuous exposure to heat and still absorb tremendous impact without cracking or breaking.Commonly use in medical devices which required repeated sterilization. It has high melting temperature with quite a low moisture absorption (207°C).
PPSU does not absorb odor or colour. Naturally BPA Free.

> PPSU is more expensive than normal PP/PES milk bottles
> Normal plastic milk bottles are encourage to change every 6 months, PPSU can last more than 6 months (under proper care and washing).

kidsme products will be out to the retailers in July 2014 (i hope it will be earlier hehe, keeping finger cross). So for the time being you guys can buy it from!!


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