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I always love Andy Lau’s songs. Not only because he’s my idol, most of his songs its quite meaningful and the tunes catches my heart. Making me feel touched and tear at times. 

But this time round, I cried badly!!

Andy Lau 劉德華 – Everyone is No. 1 

我的路 不是 你的路

我的苦 不是 你的苦

我的瓷 不是 你的梡
我的痛 不是 你的痛
一樣的天空 不同的光榮有一樣的感動

不需要 自怨自艾的惶恐只需要沉著 

只要向前衝告訴自己 天生我才必有用

Everyone is No. 1只要你凡事不問能不能用一口氣交換你一生要迎接未來 不必等

Everyone is No. 1成左滲絨Z在你肯不肯流最熱的汗擁最真的心第一名屬於每個人

我的手不是 你的手

我的口不是 你的口

只要一條心 狂風和暴雨都變成好朋友


自怨自艾的惶恐只需要沉著 只要向前衝告訴自己 


Everyone is No. 1只要你凡事不問能不能用一口氣交換你一生要迎接未來 不必等

Everyone is No. 1成左滲絨Z在你肯不肯流最熱的汗擁最真的心第一

After watching the video, we should know how fortunate are we in every and anywhere. We have legs to walk, hand to hold, sense to feel, eyes to see and nose to smell. 

But to some people, they don’t have. We should appreciate small tiny little things. yes, even the air we are breathing through, because it shows that you are alive! Nothing beats that!

Think it through, if you think that a failed relationship makes u want to cost ur life or attempted physical injury or comparing your life with others, thinking the other side is always greener, you are mentally disable. 
Even those people are physical disable, but mentally they are stronger then anyone of us. 


Yesterday was quite a happy day!! Got a secret Santa gave us gift! An early Xmas present indeed!! Haha…. 

A metallic leather Coach bag. 
Learn to be appreciative 1
And what the girls got. 
Didn’t choose wristlet because I have my Loewe small pouch, no point buy almost a similar one and end up not using it. 
Learn to be appreciative 2
After that I went for Loewe private sale. My favorite bag is not on sale, anyway it will never be on sale.. -.-” 
But feel like buying a sling bag… See how first.. hehe… 
*Heart Loewe*
Because of its logo, 4 “L” and my surname starts with L, and i’m a Leo.. 😛

Ook… too random -.-

After shopping went over to cheeky monkey @ iluma for gals dinner with Joanna and Shiying. 

The Cheeky Monkey floor manager is so nice!! Allows me to charge my phone, because my portable charger died on me.. -.-“

Learn to be appreciative 3

 Ordered a Lavender Hot Chocolate while waiting for the babes. Chocolate taste were stronger, so didn’t really get to taste / smell the Lavender
Learn to be appreciative 4

The mushroom soup is not bad actually, but too salty for me.. >.<
Learn to be appreciative 5

Pasta and crepe! 
Learn to be appreciative 6

The most yummy dish for the night! Tiramisu, Nutter-Lah and hot chocolate lava. 
Nutter-Lah is a must try!!
Learn to be appreciative 7
Learn to be appreciative 8

It’s strange that every time we girls meet up with the guys, we don’t talk that much, but that night without the guys, we can actually talk all the way till 10plus.. Can’t wait for the next meet up!! hehe… 

Must bring out my camera next time, its too bulky, makes me so lazy to bring out.. and iphone 3Gs camera sucks (the only thing i don’t like)
Learn to be appreciative 9

While we waiting for cab, we saw “something” caught on fire at the ERP gantry behind Bugis Street. Initially we thought its a car which caught on fire, but actually is some of the road works stuff.. 
Learn to be appreciative 10

Lucky no one was hurt… 😀
But when I was on my way home, saw 5 cars “kissing” each other.. Jo and I said to each other: “So much drama tonight”

*Heart* my wedding band and engagement ring.. 😀

Learn to be appreciative 11

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