Lazy Day….

Had photo shooting yesterday.. Having fun.. learning new poses, meet different kind of ppl and learn how to cover your flaws through positioning. Although quite tired.. whole took about 7 hours including make up and hair do.. wait till u guys see the photo.. my messy hair.. Image hosted by taking the shot, is already 11 plus at night, dear come and accompany me, sit outside the studio for 3 – 4 hours plus..Image hosted by Muackz…
But after that when i reach home, we quarrel through phone… Haiz..
Image hosted by Hope today will be ok for us and be loving again..Image hosted by

Oh Shit… Image hosted by I have driving test today at 1015am.. and i totally forget about it!! Dear gona scold me again… Image hosted by waste money wor… can’t postphone or refund…
Hee.. just in time to receive a good news from michelle, the photographers are happy with the shooting yesterday. They are having another fashion shot next 2 weeks, and this time round i get a good pay.. hee.. ( ok better keep my finger cross…
Image hosted by )

Okay.. goona stop here.. Have a nice day ppl… Hope your days are better than mind.. Image hosted by

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